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WEWORTH is a professional office furniture supplier in China. Since its establishment, the company has been at the forefront of the office furniture industry and has continued to grow. With the development of the global furniture industry in the past ten years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience in the office furniture industry. We can meet the different project design requirements of our customers and provide them with different kinds and styles of furniture.

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WEWORTH Ergonomic Chair

The sitting position is the natural posture of the human body. It can avoid muscle fatigue, and reduce the body's energy consumption, but also help the operator to adopt a more stable posture to perform a variety of fine and fine motor tasks. But long-term poor sitting posture will also have many adverse effects on human health, such as lumbar muscle strain, spinal lesions, and poor blood circulation. Therefore, a good seat design must take into account the static and dynamic dimensions of the human body, in different sitting postures to provide good support and guidance for users.

High Quality Pu Leather Office Chair

High Quality Pu Leather Office Chair

Ergonomic Chair - Adjustment of sitting posture

1. Adjustable headrest: Multifunctional headrests have different adjustments. The headrest and support bar can be adjusted up and down. The variable rotation of the headrest gives people the opportunity to find the right position for the head.

2. S-shaped backrest: The backrest is ergonomically designed in S-shape, which fits people's body very well. It can help people protect their waist and spine and make them feel comfortable.

3. Adjustable armrest: Humanized design, multi-functional adjustment. Provide good support for people's arms and help them release the pressure on their arms.

4. Adjustable lumbar support: People can adjust the height of the lumbar support to suit themselves.

5. Sliding seat: Want to change your sitting position? Just press the button and slide it!

6. Lift and rotate: Lift and rotate 360 degrees help relax people.

7. Tilt back lock: Want to rest? No problem! Tilt and lock your favorite sitting position.

Modern Visitor Office Chair M6527A

Modern Visitor Office Chair M6527A

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Ergonomic Chair - FAQ

What kind of people need Ergonomic Chair?

1, working at a desk for a long time, working overtime for a long time.

2, sitting posture problems, lumbar spine has been squeezed.

3, suffering from lumbar disc herniation and other lumbar spine diseases.

4, the pursuit of more comfortable and healthier seating experience.

What does an ergonomic chair do? 

1, to reduce the pressure on all parts of the body, to protect the lumbar spine, cervical spine and spine.

2, alleviate the symptoms of lumbar spine disease such as lumbar disc protrusion.

3, uncomfortable and tired of sitting for a long time.

Comfortable ergonomic chair-FIT

Comfortable ergonomic chair-FIT

Ergonomic chair has better lumbar support

The main feature of the ergonomic chair is a good lumbar support design, which can be reflected in the solid height adjustable lumbar support device and mesh design with lumbar support. This lumbar support design can prevent the lumbar overhang to withstand excessive force, thus effectively protecting the lumbar region.

Ergonomic chairs have better head support

Most of the ergonomic chairs on the market today are equipped with a headrest, so that when we rest in the chair, we can have good support for the head and cervical spine, thereby reducing the probability of cervical spondylosis.

Ergonomic chairs can be adapted to individual needs adjustment system

Because everyone's height, weight, and sitting posture have individual differences, to meet individual needs, most ergonomic chairs have manual or automatic adjustment functions, including height, armrests, lumbar support, headrest, etc.

Modern Visitor Office Chair - V6259

Modern Visitor Office Chair - V6259

Ergonomic chairs, experience more comfortable

The general material and design of ergonomic chairs are much sturdier than ordinary chairs. The cushion is made of highly elastic mesh or sponge, which is very soft and supportive. This time we do it comfortably and do not easily feel fatigued.

What is the principle of the ergonomic chair

After the human body sits down, as the pelvis rotates backward, the sacral part changes from S-shaped to bow-shaped, which will cause the intervertebral discs of the spine to be squeezed and rubbed, forcing it to exert thrust on the intervertebral discs. Ligaments, cause lumbar discomfort, and long-term accumulation may cause lumbar disc herniation.

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