What Is Ergonomics?


  Ergonomics, also known as human engineering, is a comprehensive discipline based on human psychology, anatomy, and physiology.

  Simply put, it respects the value of human beings and makes the way of using tools fit the natural form of the human body as much as possible. So people who use tools can work without any active adaptation of the body, thus minimizing the fatigue caused by using tools and enhancing work efficiency.

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The history of ergonomic development

  Ergonomics was born at the end of the 19th century, and its development can be roughly divided into four stages.

Germination Stage - the end of the 19th century to the First World War

  Frank Bunker Gilbreth did the time study and motion study, which enriched and broadened the scientific management system advocated by Taylor.

Emerging Stage - World War I to World War II

  The war made all men go to war and women had to participate in production to cope with the huge demand of the war. So work fatigue and work efficiency and how to enhance the effective role of people in the war became the main subject of research at that time.

Maturation Stage - World War II to 1960s

  The rapid development of science and technology led to the production of complex weapons and machinery. So the research theme of ergonomics changed from "man adapts to machine" to how "make machine adapt to man". So that can reduce the recognition of fatigue, and human error, and improve operational efficiency.

Deepening Stage - since the 1970s

  At this stage, ergonomics began to penetrate various fields of human work and life. At the same time, automation systems, human information interaction, artificial intelligence, etc. all began to be closely related to ergonomics.

What is the goal of ergonomics?

  Ergonomics is actually involved in a wide range of. And any activity in which people are involved is related to the discipline. In production, it is important to analyze and study the fit between body shape and work in order to reduce the pressure of work on people, reduce labor intensity and improve efficiency. In the living environment, it is important to consider the relationship between human activities and the things around them and to consider the impact of the environment on people.

  The essence and value of ergonomic research are how to achieve the optimization of the human-machine-environment, in which the human experience is crucial. For example, for the design of space, furniture and apparatus need to be related to human activities. The characteristics of human body shape and movement must be taken into account so that human fatigue is reduced to a minimum, the harm to the human body from activities can be reduced, and the efficiency of human activities can be increased to a maximum degree. And people are more comfortable when using them. The ergonomic products designed on this basis can make people healthier, more efficient, more comfortable, and safer.

  Especially in the past 10 years, technology and society had developed rapidly, and people's work and life are more and more dependent on computers and other equipment. Long hours of computer use, fixed posture, and reduced activity have caused great harm to human health. Social subhealth is becoming more and more prominent. People need ergonomic products urgently to improve their working environment.

Weworth ergonomic office furniture

  For more than 20 years, Weworth has focused on ergonomic research and has formed a number of series and categories of ergonomic products including standing desks, and ergonomic chairs, which provide a healthy, efficient, comfortable, and safe office and home environment for people of all ages to enjoy the benefits of ergonomic products.

  Long-time use of computers, head down, sedentary brought great trouble to people's health. Cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis are getting younger and younger. Weworth ergonomic office furniture can help people improve the human-computer interaction experience, greatly enhancing health and efficiency.

standing desks

  In the case of sedentary injury has become a consensus in the workplace, Weworth has developed standing desks and workstations for laptop users to make it easy for people to achieve standing office and reduce sedentary hazards.

What are the benefits of a standing desk?

- To help people alternate sitting and standing during busy working days. 

Employees can easier to have a new healthy posture. Only a healthy body can carry the burden of work and study.

- Relieve the harm and stress to the spine. 

  Sitting not only will affect physical appearance but also does great damage to the spine. Having a standing desk is the right way to help people to get healthy. Because sedentary is harmful and stressful to the spine. 

- A collection of many functions

  Weworth electric standing desks can satisfy all different functional needs in different situations. Like smart lifting with memory, smooth lifting and lowering without lagging and noise, stable tabletop without shaking, etc.

- Wide lifting range

  The standing desk has a 650mm wide lifting range. The maximum height can be 1245mm, and the minimum height can be 595mm. People can be easy to have a healthy alternative to sitting and standing during work.

- Spacious tabletop

  A variety of sizes to choose from, with partitions to keep the desk tidy and organized. Then people can work or study efficiently.

- Color selection of table frame

  This standing chair has three different color selections of table frame: black, gray, and white. 

ergonomic chair

  The ergonomic chair can be called the perfect office chair, which can support the lumbar and back, is height and angle adjustable, with armrests, comfortable to sit for a long time. The ergonomic design can reduce back pain, and shoulder, neck, and cervical spondylosis problems.

  The ergonomic chair means that the chair is as far as possible to conform to the natural shape of the human body in the design and production rather than letting the user's body adapt to the chair. Ergonomic chairs are good for helping people reduce the discomfort caused by sedentariness, improve efficiency and maintain health.

  Weworth has many different types of ergonomic chairs, such as SK chairs, MOFUN chairs, VILA chairs, Teegar chairs, FIT chairs, etc. You can choose an ideal one by your preferences.

Do children need to have their own desks?

  Yes, adult desks are not suitable for children. Petite also tends to get tired after sitting for long periods of time. They will be less effective in their studies and are prone to problems with their posture and body shape. Height adjustable desks are better for children's health, growth, and development.

  Traditional children's desks have fixed heights that are difficult to meet the different needs of children of different heights. Unsuitable desks are very detrimental to the development of children's spines and easy to induce myopia, hunchback, and other problems. Children need studying desks that can be freely lifted and adjusted to help them find the most comfortable and healthy sitting posture.


  With the development of technology, various machines and devices will be integrated into our daily work and life more and more frequently. And ergonomic office furniture for improving human-computer interaction experience will also be more and more popular in the market, and the value of ergonomics will be enjoyed by more and more people.

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