Custom Made Ergonomic Office Chairs MF

Dimension(MM): 565x662x1005mm/ 565x665x1082mm


Nylon back frame;

Cushion Lining Density 60, Hardness 50, Shaped Sponge;


Synchronzied mechanism with one locking / Weight sensitive mechanism: auto weight adjustment;

Gas Lift: Stroke 100mm Sinking 5cm, 3 Levels, Plastic Spraying;

340mm Nylon five-star base;

Nylon castors.

Backrest: With a height-adjustable backrest for 100% support for you.

Headrest: With a height-adjustable headrest for more comfortable.

Mechanism: Single gear ock butterfly machanism.



Precise head support for a more comfortable cervical experience.

Foam Cushion

Foam Cushion

High-density foam cushions are designed to fit the body and vary according to weight through ergonomic shaping, providing lightness and comfort.

Made Ergonomic Office Chairs

The Mofun chair accommodates the diverse working population with new levels of all-day comfort, regardless of size, posture, or work mode. Adjustable armrest to suit arm height. Adjustable lumbar support for back comfort. Also can adjust the height and tilt Angle through the handle.

Design Concept

Design Concept

It is exquisitely carved, exquisite in simplicity, artistic beauty is incisively and vividly, human care is timely presented, in the fierce operation of the market, in the fast-paced work, to accompany you to guide the strategy, showing your respect for personality.

Without sloppy and complicated lines, it creates a completely industrialized image with simple geometric surfaces, neat, considerate, pretty, relaxed, tough, and detailed, just like newcomers in the workplace get rid of all forms of shackles, pursue spiritual and creative relief, remarkable and unparalleled.

Office Chair
Office Chair Best Ergonomic Office Chair

It is exquisitely carved, exquisite in simplicity, artistic beauty is incisively and vividly, human care is timely presented, in the fierce operation of the market, in the fast- paced work, to accompany you to guide the strategy, showing your respect for personailty.  

Why Choose Us?
Why Choose Us?

Weworth’s three pillars—combined—are what differentiate us: 

Our staffs are worthy.

Our dealers are worthy.

Our clients are worthy.

Weworth is a global brand that is committed to creating intelligent and inspirational working environments for people. 

From the craftsmanship of talented designers and Weworth’s global expertise, our staffs fill you with working space designs for whatever you need.

Custom Made Ergonomic Office Chairs MF










Armrest3D lifting armrest
Back frameNylon black/grey back frame
SeatingCutting Foam 
MechanismSingle gear lock butterfly machanism
Gas liftStroke 100mm sinking 5cm class3 powder coated gas lift
Base340mm nylon base
CastorNylon castors

Detail Drawing

Why choose an ergonomic custom office chair?

The ideal solution for petite, average and larger users on a tight budget. Ergonomic custom office chairs (also known as starter office chairs or ergonomic posture chairs) offer the sophisticated controls, adjustability and durability typically found only in more expensive ergonomic chairs, but at a lower price point.WEWORTH comes standard with individual seat and backrest adjustment, weight tension control, ratchet backrest height adjustment and waterfall front seat. You can add many additional options to the chair to customize it to fit.

What is an ergonomic custom office chair?

With 33 different sizes of chairs, WEWORTH is an affordable solution for posture seating for small to large and tall users. It features infinitely lockable and height adjustable controls and rugged mechanics.

What are the key features and benefits of the ergonomic Custom Office Chair?

The Custom is ergonomically designed and anatomically correct, approved by a physical therapist. It has a heavy-duty 24/7 guarantee mechanism. The chair is "streamlined" and can be personalized to the user's requirements so you don't buy features and adjustments you don't need. It allows you to build the chair to your specifications, but with a budget in mind!

As standard, the Custom Series features: height-adjustable backrest, automatic weight adjustment, ergonomic density foam, individual backrest and seat angle adjustment. Plus many other ergonomic customization options that allow you to build your chair to your specific requirements.

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