How To Choose A Suitable Office Desk?


  Office desks provide the work convenience to people's daily work and social activities. Enterprises and government departments will use more desks. From the leadership down to the staff, people are inseparable from the use of desks. The right desk can improve efficiency, make people's body and mind more comfortable and healthy, and help them work better. So how to choose a good office desk? Today I will tell you some tips about how to choose a suitable office desk.

the color of the office desk is better to match the design of the workplace

  Generally, the color selection of office desks is based on three main aspects:

- the nature of the work

- the area of the working space

- the natural lighting in the office

  Companies that thrive on creativity, such as Internet companies, can use bright, vibrant, jumpy desk colors, which can stimulate employees' innovation. 

  Offices with a small area but on a high floor are easy to produce an empty, cold feeling to people. If you want to adjust the uncomfortable feeling brought by the building itself, you can choose some dark-colored office furniture.

  A well-lit office will make the space look warm and comfortable. You can choose the original wood and gray office furniture that will enhance the texture and style of the space. If the natural lighting is a lack of office, you should not choose dark color office furniture. Office furniture in warm colors can help warm up space.

What is the appropriate height of the office desk?

  Actually, most companies are using standing desks now. People adjust their desks to an appropriate height to match their office chairs. Employees will not be bent over for a long time or stretch their necks and cause any physical injury.

  Generally, a comfortable and healthy posture for the employee is to sit in a chair with his back straight, arms naturally down hanging, and hands on the table. If the office desk is too high, the arms on the desktop will form pressure on the people’s shoulders.

How to choose the shape of the office desk?

  People should choose different shapes of office desks with different needs for different positions. Office desks are better to meet the focus, privacy, collaboration, and sharing. All these can maximize the efficiency of the office.

- straight desk

  Straight office desks will make the office more compact and dense, and also can make

maximize the use of space.

- L-shaped desk

L-shaped desks have a larger desktop than straight desks. Employees can have more freedom to place items at will, as well as the office needs.


  Office desks are essential office furniture for offices. Buying the right office desk is important for the employees. A comfortable and convenient office desk can also make the work of employees more convenient and efficient.