The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Workspace


 Weworth was founded with the intention of caring for people's health. Such as some diseases and subhealth caused by daily work are the direction of our attention. Simply put, Weworth is an experienced office furniture company that uses technology to manage health issues caused by work.

 Currently, the company is involved in one area which is the office. As we all know, working in an office is one of the most important behaviors that people do throughout the day and throughout their lives. Therefore, we pay great attention to the health of the 8 hours of the office.

 In the office furniture industry, we decided to make a breakthrough in the direction of ergonomic office chairs. The chairs can improve users' sitting postures and offer them more comfort and health. 

4 health hazards to people after a long time working

 In fact, the design of office ergonomic chairs is focused on what health hazards will be brought to people in a long-time working state. We summarize the following 4 points.

back pain 

 Because people are more often sitting at work, the lumbar spine must be the most stressed after sitting for a long time, so the waist is vulnerable to injury.

cervical spine damage

 People have to work, and their heads are always tilted forward. These are harmful to the cervical spine. Long-term fatigue may cause structural deformation.

the spine is damaged

 Mainly because there is no good chair. And people always sit in the incorrect sitting posture, which easily leads to spinal damage.

prolonged sitting

 Because the working hours are particularly long, especially when particularly busy. people always are unconsciously sitting for an hour or two. When they realize that it is already very fatiguing. This fatigue is not only felt by the body but also by your spirit, your nerves will be affected. In the long run, it will form a subhealth state. Sedentary for office workers, especially in the office environment is considered the biggest health hazard. People in the sedentary can not always maintain the same sitting posture. They should stand up and move around to have a rest.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Workspace

Weworth Ergonomic Chair

 The culture of office chairs comes from the West, just like coffee. For us, it is an exotic product. However, as an independent brand born and raised in China and a national enterprise, it is not easy for Weworth to create a perfect product. Because many Western brands have accumulated 50 years, 100 years, or even 200 years of experience. So we must do more work in this category.

product feature

Adjustable Height Mesh Office Chair TG:

*3D Lifting armrest. 

*Single gear lock butterfly mechanism.

*Powder coated class-3 gas lift.

*340mm removable nylon base.

*Nylon castors.

*4D headrest.

*Adjustable lumbar support. 

 Traditional office chairs require people to passively fit the back of the chair, which can not meet the needs of different body types, and heights. Once the sitting posture changes, it will not be able to fully support the lumbar back pressure. Over time, people's spine, lumbar spine, and cervical spine will be damaged to varying degrees. The adjustable lumbar support offers people the best comfort.

 Weworth, help you to sit better, work better, and think better.

The Best Ergonomic Office Chair For Your Workspace