Healthy Innovative Workspace


 With the rapid development of 5G, IoT, AI, and other technologies, the smart office we once aspired to has become a reality. It is not only changing the working habits of individuals and improving efficiency. It is also achieving efficient and intelligent collaboration for companies and enhancing industry competitiveness.

 Today, Weworth will show you a healthy innovative workspace.

More flexible and diverse, both shared and private.

 As the work habits of people have changed, the use of meeting rooms is no longer as frequent as it once was. Nowadays, employees prefer to communicate in open areas to have a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere. So a simple and modern open shared collaboration area is created.

 The workspace is planned to provide a functional leisure office with recreation, collaboration, and privacy. It helps people to do their jobs better while relaxing and properly adjusting their physical state caused by overwork.

  Around the personal workstation area, the file cabinet is used as a visual partition wall. There are also some communication areas for double or multi-person. The communication areas for the double person can create a cozy atmosphere for negotiation.

 The communication areas for multi-person make people's visual focus come together, which not only facilitates people's collaboration by using technology but also allows staff can get a moment of healing and rest.

  Considering that some industries have more need for private communication, focused work, and confidentiality of project development information. We have added the Cubicle Sofa to the collaboration space. Unlike traditional sofas, Weworth Cubicle Sofa has the ability to compartmentalize space. It creates a private and casual interaction scene for users. It is more private visually and audibly.

Healthy Innovative Workspace

Combine exertion and rest.

 Psychological research has found that people need to have some time to relax and get back to their best. Relaxation can bring people a more positive, more energetic attitude to work. 

  For better relaxation, Weworth uses a series of casual office furniture in the pantry. Such as leisure sofas, lounge tables, leisure chairs, etc. to create a relaxed lounge area.

  People can enjoy talking, collaborating informally, etc. People can share their lives, take some breaks, and gain a sense of health and happiness between the stressful work. The relaxed and comfortable office environment is conducive to building a sense of belonging among the team and inspiring more creativity.

Choose suitable office furniture

 Office space for companies is important. Weworth intends to bring good office experience to people through suitable, scientific office furniture. At the same time, a good workplace also has positive guidance and influence on people's behavior and dedication.

 In the executive office, we have equipped different executive desks with a modern and minimalist appearance. Its wide desktop gives a harmoniously elegant, warm, and simple texture. Sitting in an executive chair with an executive desk makes the decision-making ideas of executives clearer.

  A sufficiently comfortable personal workstation leads staff to better work performance. We have also equipped staff chairs in the workplace. A comfortable ergonomic chair can help solve people's fatigue from sitting. In addition to improving concentration, the scientific spacing of workstations also prevents people from working less efficiently due to a lack of privacy.

  From the early days of cubicles to the current individual workspaces and open public workspaces, there is a significant evolution in work patterns. More and more companies are realizing that innovation and development of companies cannot be achieved without efficient collaboration among employees. Today, good workspaces and suitable office furniture play an important role in encouraging innovation and bringing in talent.

Healthy Innovative Workspace