How To Make Your Workspace More Creative?


The number of people has to work in the office for a long time. Then the health of employees is a big problem.

 If you want to improve the team's sense of happiness and innovation and make your workplace more creative, please address the following aspects.

leisure area

 Most Internet companies, such as Google and Baidu have provided their employees with independent rest space, which has massage chairs, sofa beds, bean bag sofas, and other comfortable furniture to help relieve the work fatigue of employees.

 After sitting at a fixed workstation for a long time, people's inspiration may dry up. If there are some lounges and irregular chairs in the leisure room, people can sit how they want to sit, and they can get instantly relax.

 A relaxing environment allows ideas to come up and is easier to stimulate unlimited creativity. Informal face-to-face conversations also help spark creativity.

healthy office furniture

 Everyone's happiness needs to be built on the basis of health. So having healthy office furniture for your workplace is also very important.

standing desks

 Many scientific authorities have stated that being sedentary is bad for human health. Because being sedentary will cause your blood circulation slow. What is the best way to find a compromise between productivity and employee health? Standing work is a good choice. You can choose some adjustable standing desks. People can adjust the height of the desk freely. 

ergonomic chairs

 The back and lumbar support of the ergonomic chair are designed in accordance with the normal curvature of the human spine. You just need to lean on the back of the chair, and the back and lumbar support will be able to give your spine proper support to help you easily maintain the normal curvature of the spine. The unsuitable back angle of the chair can easily cause lumbar disc herniation.

  So if people want to avoid problems such as lumbar disc protrusion, they need to have an ergonomic chair that can adjust the angle of the back to help them maintain a slightly backward posture, reducing the pressure on the spine.

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open workspaces

  Open office space like a brainstorming area that reflects the new concept of modern office design. The design of open office space can make employees work more humane, enhance the collaboration and interaction between company members, and make the office atmosphere more energetic. It is now used in many company offices and has proved to be effective, playing an effective role in enhancing the vitality of the company and improving office efficiency.


 The creator of Weworth is to be able to make the staff can be freer and more creative without boundaries. This is also an ideal working experience that we try our best to create for users, and this is also the source of creation.