How To Design An Open Office Layout?


  Nowadays, more and more companies gradually abandon the relatively closed office space design in the past and instead adopt a more open office space design while they are designing their office spaces. 

  Why are more and more companies gradually preferring open office design? From a holistic perspective, open office space design is more friendly for companies in their daily work. A reasonable design of the office space, coupled with the appropriate office furniture solutions that can fit the corporate culture can greatly enhance the satisfaction of employees. On the other hand, it also can help to improve work efficiency.

the main advantages of an open office space 

convenient work communication

  Open office space can facilitate communication between colleagues better and help the team achieve synergy. Office spaces can greatly facilitate communication between colleagues and promote interaction among members in a relaxed environment. Each employee knows the roles of the employees around them and can better understand each other's work, which will increase the team spirit.

improve the use of office space

  Large space layouts can maximize the use of space and the utilization rate of the space can reach 80%-85%.

reduce the loneliness of employees

  An open office layout can make employees feel less lonely. If a closed layout is used in an office, the work and communication between employees and staffs are basically relatively independent. However, this will make them feel lonely, feel independent, and their minds cannot be open. And it is difficult for them to get a boost in work enthusiasm.

How to design an open office layout?

  A properly laid out office space can make people feel comfortable and simple when they first enter. Both the activity space and mobile lines are very smooth. And this must be a good office space layout. Although everyone and every company have a different office layout, in general, we should follow certain rules.

the size of the office desk

  The selection of the size of the office desk is very important in the design of the layout of the office space and the choice of office furniture. For office furniture placement, choosing the right size of the desk is mainly based on the entire office space situation and the number of employees. If you choose the size of the desk is too small or too large, it will make the entire office space look uncoordinated. If the desk is too small, employees will be inconvenient to use the normal work, or even make them have a depressing feeling. And if the size of the desk is too large, it will also make the entire office looks very crowded.

the layout of the desk

  The layout of the desk is different from the desk at home which will choose by the wall or by the window placement. In the office space with the placement of the desk layout design, you need to ensure that the user can have a good view. It is best to allow the person sitting at the desk to see out through the door. Especially to ensure that managers can easily see employees at any time. In addition, the side of the desk should preferably be close to the window, so that people can adopt better light and work environments.

the layout of the office sofa

  When placing the office sofa, you should determine its location according to the placement of the office desk. The office sofa better leans against the wall or parallel to the wall. If it is a lounge, the sofa can be enclosed in a fan shape with a coffee table in the middle, which is more convenient for daily business negotiations.


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