ESG In The Workplace


  Since the summer of 2020, ESG has been a hot topic in the industry. But what is ESG? And how exactly does ESG apply to the office furniture industry, and how can ESG goals be applied to the workplace? 

  Today’s article will show you all the details about ESG.

What is ESG?

  ESG focuses on environmental, social, and governance issues. It is a concept of sustainable development. To achieve high-quality development, companies need to practice ESG. ESG concept also is practiced by Weworth with practical actions. On the one hand, we are committed to improving the efficiency and job satisfaction of our employees. On the other hand, we pay great attention to employees’ health and well-being. 

  Today's workplaces have health, well-being, sustainability, and social responsibility as fundamental drivers. Driven by these elements, the work environment is more comfortable and further enhances the productivity of people who are working in these spaces.

Health: "Formaldehyde-Free Office" has become the industry focus

  Under the influence of the epidemic, people spend more time indoors and are also more vulnerable to the danger of excessive formaldehyde. Health, environmental protection, and sustainability become high-quality development that companies need. Working space has upgraded to a new stage: "Formaldehyde-Free Office" has become the focus of the office furniture industry. Weworth plays a synergistic advantage in the industry chain and joins hands with other similar companies to advocate "healthy work, formaldehyde-free office". The office furniture industry can create a healthy and comfortable office space so that employees can enjoy a healthy office environment. 

  Around the ten core dimensions of WELL, from the air, water, movement, light, sound, community, mind, and other multi-dimensions. People need to bring nature into the office. In terms of air, you can choose office furniture that is made of nature and put some green plants in your office. Then you can build a working environment that is like a natural space. In terms of space acoustics, office pods can help optimize the acoustic environment, which can help reduce noise interference and enhance the work concentration for employees.

  Besides, Weworth offers ergonomic office furniture, including ergonomic chairs, standing desks, etc. People can adjust the office furniture to fit themselves to get more comfort and health.

ESG In The Workplace

Sustainable: Use Recyclable Materials To Upgrade the Working Environment

  Repeatedly replacing materials over the life of a project will eventually accumulate much or more carbon emissions. To improve this matter, designers need to factor in the significant impact of furniture and interiors and how they will be disposed of at the end of use. What materials should be used in the product? How much space does it take up during transportation? Can the product be easily disassembled and recycled at the end of its use, or can it be retrofitted or reused? All of these need to be considered. 

  At our research and development department, Weworth has established partnerships with excellent design companies in the global industry. And we also try to research user behavior, color, material, and technology. Integrating new materials and new technology into product development, reducing waste from the design level, and selecting low energy consumption, low emission, and recyclable materials to ensure that the products are easy to disassemble, repair or reuse. Finally, Weworth can achieve the goal of environmental protection and upgrade.

Space: Providing One-Stop Office Furniture Solutions

  The realization of the healthy office, in addition to focusing on office furniture, but also from the overall office space. Weworth adheres to the "Healthy Office" mission, we are committed to building an ideal working space that includes space planning and office furniture. At the same time, by conducting employee research, discovering and solving core pain points of our customers, and providing them with an ideal office space solution to enable employees to work more healthily and efficiently.


  People's definition of health has evolved from maintaining a healthy diet and being physically fit to an expectation that they can be recognized by other people. At the same time, we know that happy people are healthier, and healthier people are good for business. The better a person feels, the more efficiently he/she works. And to put it another way: the more efficient the employees are, the more benefits the company can get. In the future, Weworth will keep promoting the green and low-carbon development of the office furniture industry and make more users enjoy healthy and environmentally friendly, comfortable, and intelligent office space solutions. 

ESG In The Workplace