How to Choose a Stand Up Desk?


  The concept of health deepened in the hearts of the people. Working healthily in a healthy office is no longer just a slogan only. 

  The height adjustable desk will become the first choice of many office workers use in office buildings, rental centers, home spaces, etc. Electric stand up desks are popular in the current market. So today I will share how to choose a stand up desk.

Check whether the stand up desk is the dual motor

  The electric motor is the source of energy for the electric stand up desk, the function is as important as the engine of the car. So in the choice of an electric stand up desk, the first thing is to check the motor. At present, there are two major types of motors: single motor and dual motor.

single motor

  The single motor has a relatively low cost but large operating amplitude. The lift function mainly works through the transmission shaft. 

Dual motor 

  Dual motor stand up desk has dual-leg built-in motor, The lift function mainly works through the central control, which can ensure a more smooth, stable operation. 

  In addition, the dual motor also allows the desk to lift more silently. It will not disturb the adjacent employees or family members. So it is recommended that people need give to get a dual motor stand up desk.

confirm the bearing ability of the stand up desk

  To choose a durable lift desk, you not only need to check the overall frame whether durable but also need to consider the weight capacity. 

How to check if the stand up desk has good weight capacity?

*check the base material of the desk top. 

*Check the legs of the desk.

  You can also let the manufacturer provide a test certificate of bearing ability.

Check if the value-added features are humanized

  In the fast-paced era of digital intelligence, stand up desks only have the lift function obviously is not enough. How to use intelligent technology to help people work better and healthier? The stand up desk is better to have some practical value-added features. 

  Like memory function operation demonstration, safety design with automatic rebound when blocked, etc

  In the future, with the development of intelligent technology and innovation, I believe there will be more stylish and different types of stand up desks.

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