How To Maintain A Leather Chair?


  Office furniture is very common in many enterprises or companies. We have seen a variety of office furniture. And leather office furniture is a piece of extremely common office furniture. We can see it in the parlor, or office room. The use of leather office furniture has a wide range. Then to make these leather office furniture have a longer useful life for our service, we should take good maintenance for it. Here let us get some of the leather office furniture maintenance methods in today’s article.

Clean regularly

  We should regularly clean the dust and dirt and other debris on the surface of the leather executive chair. And then use the leather care agent to gently wipe the surface of the leather more than two times. This process can make the surface of the leather form a protective film, later even if the dirt will not be easy to ruin the leather chair.

Avoid scratching the leather

  Secondly, you should pay more attention to avoiding the surface of the leather by sharp objects scratching leather in the daily use of leather office furniture. It not only affects the aesthetics of the chair but also is not conducive to maintenance.

Maintain once a week

  Thirdly, it is best to maintain once a week. Just like people's skin care. Maintaining a leather chair also need to take long-term persistence to see the effect. You are better to clean the surface of the leather chair every week to maintain cleanliness.

Use wax in winter

  When the temperature is lower and dry in winter, you need to use some wax every month to clean and maintain the leather chair.

Avoid oil stains

  Don’t forget to avoid oil stains, ink, and other stains on the leather chair and stain the leather. If a stain is found on the surface of the leather, you should clean it with leather cleaner immediately. Over time, the stain will be not easy to clean. If there is no leather cleaner, don’t worry, there is another way that also can help you to clear the dirt. Take a clean white towel, dip some alcohol and gently wipe the stain. After finishing, then dry it with a wet towel, and finally use a maintenance agent to maintain it.

Avoid direct sunlight

  Remember to avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is almost the aging "killer" for all office furniture. In the case of strong sunlight in the summer, it is best to take some steps, such as pulling up the curtains to avoid direct sunlight on the surface of leather office furniture, which will cause the leather aging or fade.

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