How To Take Care Of Your Office Furniture In Summer?


  The temperature will be gradually climbing in summer, the rainy season is also coming. Light, temperature, and humidity all change quickly in summer, which will bring office furniture with a big test. Office furniture not only belongs to the company assets but also represents the corporate image. People should do some preparation in advance before summer and give the office furniture careful maintenance, which will help extend their service life and even elevate the vide of the office.

office furniture in summer

  Speaking of summer, most companies will turn on the air conditioning during work to cool the temperature. But a large number of office furniture, including office sofas, office chairs, office desks, etc. stay at high temperatures during non-working time. It is not a good thing for office furniture. 

  For example, if leather office furniture exposure to the sun or high temperatures for a long time, it will lose its luster and easy to deform. And people are easy to sweat. The leather office furniture will absorb the sweat, which is easy to produce odor, and lead to discoloration and cracking, etc.

  Hot summer days also will have an impact on fabric office furniture, but not a very big one like feather office furniture. But the heavy sunlight, changes in temperature, and other factors, all will make the original fabric office furniture fade and breed a lot of bacteria.

office furniture maintenance strategy

Leather office furniture

  The most critical to maintaining leather office furniture is to keep the leather breathing, especially in summer. Remember to clean it up often and keep indoor ventilation. At the same time, you should help the leather office furniture avoid direct sunlight and keep them dry. On the other hand, you should also help them avoid the rain. Rainy days, wet ground, and other factors all will cause the bottom of leather furniture to mold.

If you have some trouble cleaning leather office furniture by yourself, I recommend you choose a professional team cleaning for help.

Fabric office furniture

  For the maintenance of fabric office furniture, the best way is to use vacuum cleaners or brushes to remove the dust, or lay a waterproof cushion, and clean it frequently.


  Whether it is leather office furniture or fabric office furniture, there will be different degrees of wear and damage for long time use. But people can keep their office furniture fresh through professional cleaning, care, and waxing in summer.

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