How Important Is A Good Office Ergonomic Chair?


  People usually talk about ergonomic chairs every day. My friends also are saying one by one to buy ergonomic office chairs at home. The office people are also sitting in ergonomic chairs. I am particularly puzzled, what is ergonomics? What are its benefits? How important is a good office ergonomic chair?

What is ergonomics?

  First of all, the human body is our body itself. We will use our bodies to complete many actions, such as walking, looking, twisting, swinging, etc. All these actions need the body's coordination and cooperation. And each coordination and cooperation need to consume the body's energy. Do the same movement for a long time, the body will feel uncomfortable.

  Ergonomics is to adapt to the body's action form so that the body can become natural.

Ergonomics is a technology, people use to design products. For example, the computer mouse is designed to be ergonomic, the office chair is also ergonomic, and a table also can be ergonomic. 

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What is ergonomics?

The principle of an ergonomic chair 

  When we are sitting on a chair, the sitting posture involves some main parts of our human body: head, eyes, neck, back, waist, hands, and legs. The waist is the most important. Sitting for a long time will cause back pain or other uncomfort.

  The core principle of the ergonomic office chair is designed around the below parts to help people sit comfortably.


  Usually, the visual line of sight is parallel with the front platform. You can adjust the height of the ergonomic chair by its height adjustment.

The headrest and the human’s neck can naturally fit against the chair. Do not have your neck forced to fit, but also do not have to overly straighten your neck. 

Back & waist

  A good ergonomic office chair can have movable lumbar support. It can be flexibly adjusted up and down. After a long time sitting, people can adjust the height of the lumbar support to meet different positions.

  The backrest can make the human’s back great relaxation, and relieve lumbar muscle overwork soreness.


  The design of the armrest can properly relax the hand, wrist, elbow, arm muscles, arm, and shoulder. The appropriate armrest length width, coupled with the appropriate adjustment of armrest height, and angle, can greatly improve the comfort of the office chair.


  A good office chair can let people’s leg can hang naturally.

How important is a good office ergonomic chair?

  A good office ergonomic chair has many benefits.

- Reduce head and eye fatigue, and prevent myopia.

- Soothe cervical spine strain, and reduce the incidence of the cervical spine.

- Relieve the lumbar vertebrae, and reduce the probability of spinal disease.

- develop the correct sitting posture, and improve work efficiency.

- Relieve leg pressure, and promote blood circulation, to ensure the health of internal circulation.

- The gentle armrest design makes people more comfortable.

- Reduce the compression area of the hip and back, reduce vascular pressure and relieve excessive fatigue of the back vertebrae.

- A good ergonomic chair uses good materials that can enhance the chair's breathability and heat dissipation, and comfortable health care. And also can avoid the use of the process of bacterial production.

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