Everything You Need to Know Gen Z In The Workplace


  In a rapidly changing consumer market, there is a lot of room for Generation Z employees in the office furniture industry.

  What exactly are the characteristics of Generation Z? How can employers inspire Gen Z to work and be creative? How can companies retain them? This is a common question of great concern to managers. This article tries to analyze these questions and make some suggestions.

What are the core characteristics of Generation Z?

  If you ask the HR staff, what is the biggest problem they ever met during work? How to attract and retain young people must be one of them. The young people here mainly refer to the people who are born after 1995, which is also known as Generation Z. Today, people who are born before 1990 have become the middle and senior management in the company. Independent and individualized Gen Z gradually become a vital force in every workplace. They have also become the main workforce of the office furniture industry, and the development of Gen Z is related to the future of the industry. Therefore Gen Z always attracts the attention of managers. According to some data, Generation Z also has the highest departure rate, and the frequency of departure has further accelerated, with an increasing proportion of employees leaving a company within only six months.

pursue freedom and equality

  Influenced by the rapid development of the Internet, Gen Z usually has an open personality. They like to pursue freedom and equality. They are more willing to pursue happiness than the pursuit of success. Gen Z usually thinks for themselves and is not afraid to question authority. In their minds, only the talented leader is worth following and being admired. 


  In fact, the HR staff also thinks that Gen Z is "very capricious". these young employees are unreliable. They do not like to work overtime and are less able to suffer aggression. The management of Gen Z is difficult. Actually, Gen Z is not seeking a relatively easy management style, they just want a working mode that can allow them to have some freedom.


  Gen Z does not have so much hope for the future. "confusion" is a very important characteristic for them. They need to find the meaning and value of work and have a clear career development plan. They need to find the meaning and value of their work and have a clear career development plan. It is important for managers to stimulate the internal drive of Generation Z.

Everything You Need to Know Gen Z In The Workplace

How to motivate Gen Z employees?

  So how to motivate Gen Z employees? Weworth has some following suggestions for you:

Helping Gen Z find a sense of meaning and value in their work.

  Only when Gen Z finds a sense of meaning and value in work, they will have the interest and motivation to work. In fact, the office furniture industry work is more work tired. Working in office furniture is not only a traditional way to create solutions and value for the workplace, but also an art to help people to decorate the working environments and their lives. For personal development, although hard work in the office, they can get priceless experience. A person who is good at learning and summarizing can quickly gain a wide range of experience.

  In addition, from the perspective of the rapidly changing consumer market, there is actually a lot of room for Gen Z employees to work. As the new generation, they have a dual identity, not only as industry practitioners but also as consumers of the industry. So they understand the characteristics and needs of their own generation of users better and can serve them better. In the process, these young people also can achieve their own value.

Deliver happiness to Gen Z

  Compared to the last generation, Generation Z is increasingly inclined to let work make them happy. And they also enjoy chasing themselves and having fun working and living. According to a Harvard University study on happiness, happiness mainly comes from two dimensions: pleasure and meaning. If you feel happy when doing something, there will be happiness generated. And if the thing you did is meaningful, it can bring you happiness as well. 

  How can the company make its employees feel happy? The corporate culture of many companies mentions caring for employees in a variety of ways. The most important is to treat each other sincerely. And managers can put themselves in the employees' shoes. For example, companies can provide free and comfortable staff dormitories with free Wi-Fi, a gym, a library, a recreation room, etc. Try your best to meet the needs of your staff. On the other hand, you also can set some flexible holidays for employees, letting them have the right to use the holidays freely. Of course, care is also reflected in the work, such as patient guidance from superiors, selfless help from colleagues, responsibility from leadership, and a loving work atmosphere. All these things can also make employees feel happy.

  Young people are always passionate and creative. Companies can help young employees tap into their inner dreams and guide them to achieve goals. At the same time, companies should give young people a platform for learning and growth to help them realize their dreams and make them happy at work as well.

Creating an ideal working environment.

  It is important for Gen Z about working with who. Most importantly is that they choose companies that can share their values and whose work environment can make them feel free. The workplace is changing, and so are their expectations. Here are some key points for the office's future design.

- Modular

  The factory was one of the earliest forms of the workplace. It is designed as a production line. With the invention of the elevator and skyscrapers, the industrial revolution continues. People would go into the buildings and start their daily work life in their cubicles. Generation Z prefers open spaces. They have the freedom to schedule and work remotely. Most importantly, they are demanding more from the companies they work for, such as more collaboration, more people, and more empathy.

  The way of collaborating has changed, and technology has improved flexibility. As a result, it is now possible to have face-to-face meetings with cameras on. Modular furniture that can be moved makes the layout more fluid and flexible, which increases innovation. Most users believe that working in a flexible workstation in an office space increases productivity. At the same time, many users believe that flexible work also can reduce fatigue. This shows that Generation Z rejects the mechanical and boring office experience and pursues a flexible working environment. The flexible office has also become the immediate need of the Generation Z group. In the future, the flexible office will also lead the new mode of office.

Everything You Need to Know Gen Z In The Workplace

- Intelligentialize

  Young people prefer smart offices, specifically intelligent office experience, intelligent office furniture, and a perfect working environment. Office furniture companies should continue to enhance their users' smart office experience and improve the quality of the working environment.

- Comfort

  Ergonomic office chairs become more and more popular in recent years. The comfort, functionality, and humanization of the office space determine the work efficiency of employees, and it also directly affects their happiness. As competition increases, companies need to be more proactive in attracting talent. The workplace is one of many attractions that directly affect how people understand a company's values and culture. As designers and suppliers, we must meet this challenge and provide workplaces that can offer different options and support diversity.

  Sitting for a long time will naturally make people change a variety of sitting postures they feel comfortable. Over time, it will bring adverse effects on the human spine. Ergonomic chairs can help people maintain a healthy and comfortable sitting posture. Standing desks can help people keep a standing posture during work. 

Everything You Need to Know Gen Z In The Workplace

- Environmental

  People need more environmentally friendly office furniture to be more conducive to their health. Because a lot of office furniture uses paint and other things that do not meet environmental standards. The use of this office furniture will damage people's health.

  Companies need to understand that the workplace of the future is more than just a place for people to do work. Rather, it's a place for people to learn, relax, connect and heal.