Best Standing desks To Reduce Your Sedentary Time


  Being sedentary hurts people’s bodies. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2 million people die every year because of being sedentary and less active. Like sedentary, cervical spondylosis, prostatitis, infertility, colon cancer, and other diseases that are closely related. Today, a smart standing desk called from WEWORTH would like to solve this problem. 

Why do people always sit too much?

  Firstly, people are always busy with their work. Everyone knows the bad effects of being sedentary, but there is too much work that needs to do. 

  Secondly, people are lazy. They are lazy to stand up and move around, they can not form a habit. 

  But do not need to worry too much. WEWORTH standing desks can help people reduce their sedentary time.

WEWORTH standing desks

wide lifting range

  The desk can be an intelligent lift. The lifting range is between 59.5 cm to 124.5 cm. This height adjustment range allows people of different heights can sit in the office, or stand up to work.

intelligent memory key

  The desk's intelligence is reflected in a LED display screen. It shows the height of the desk. And the up and down buttons can raise and lower the desk at any time by tapping. Try our memory button to free your hands and save time from long hours of pressing the control panel for height adjustment.

  With the simple push of this button, you have the flexibility to sit or stand and adjust effortlessly from one position to another at 38mm/s. The button can remember your preferred position.


  WEWORTH standing desk is not only a good desk for an office but also is an ideal choice for a home. It is silent for lifting and lowering. There is no disturbance at night for working or gaming. 

large loading capacity

  Dual motors standing desks can load up to 264 pounds, which allows this height-adjustable desk to accommodate heavier equipment. Easily supports the computer and monitor, paperwork, and more.

  WEWORTH chose high-quality materials to ensure durability and stability.

standing too much is also not good

  Don't stay in a standing position for a long time. There is a saying, "Your best position is your next position. People should change their posture regularly while standing. Some people may buy ergonomically designed anti-fatigue mats or balance boards. According to surveys, people who stand on wooden or concrete floors for a long time can develop various health problems, including neck pain, varicose veins, and swollen lower limbs. Although these health problems are not very serious, we need to prevent them. The principle of using an anti-fatigue mat or a balance board is to put your body slightly off balance, allowing your calf muscles to contract, and pushing your blood back to your core.

  After standing for an hour, you can start to sit on your ergonomic chair to work.

Best Standing desks To Reduce Your Sedentary Time


  Standing desks can be very helpful in improving your health, but that doesn't mean you have to use them 24 hours a day. If you are always immersed in your work without a break, it may reduce your productivity and affect your health. It is essential to let yourself have a rest. You can also schedule some time to do some stretching exercises, including simple head, neck, shoulder, and upper arm stretches to avoid fatigue problems.