Ultimate Guide: How To Protect Your Eyes At The Office


  Office workers spend at least 8 hours a day looking at a computer. Excessive use can easily damage your eyes. Staring at a computer screen for a long time will lead to dry eyes and eye fatigue. How can you relieve and protect your eyes? Today's article will show you how. 

Electronic products damage the eyes.

  It is understood that computer monitors, cell phones, tablet computers, etc. emit a lot of "blue light", which is a kind of visible light that is harmful to your eyes. The photoreceptor cells in the retina are greatly diminished by blue light exposure. Because blue light can penetrate through the cornea and lens directly into the macula, causing damage to the macular photoreceptor cells.

  In addition to the "blue light" damage, people the use of electronic products in the process of some bad habits also accelerated vision loss, such as the use of electronic products unconsciously shortening the distance between the eyes and the screen, the use of electronic products for too long, in the dark use of electronic products.

  Most office workers, use computers for a long time, their eyes are prone to fatigue, and in serious cases will feel blurred vision. The symptoms of eye discomfort will cause certain adverse effects on the human body and daily work.

Avoid the following wrong methods

Overuse of eye drops

  Eyedrops are the most common medication for eye diseases. And for many eye diseases, eyedrops have a direct and quick therapeutic effect. However, many people are accustomed to overusing eyedrops even without eye disease or eye discomfort. 

  The use of eyedrops must follow medical advice. Eye drops can relieve eye fatigue, but they cannot protect vision or prevent nearsightedness. Therefore, it is better to consult your doctor and use eye drops in moderation. 

The light is too bright

  In the past, it was believed that warm lighting was good for eyesight. But research shows that cool light is better for reading, writing, and other demanding visual tasks.

  The brighter the light source, the clearer your eyes will see. The light that is too bright can also damage your eyes. People need to see clearly, comfortably, and consistently.

Wearing glasses

  People who do a lot of computer work may have pseudomyopia. True nearsightedness must be corrected with glasses and regular eye exams to continually improve vision and control the progression of nearsightedness. Pseudomyopia is usually caused by excessive use of the eyes or visual fatigue and usually does not require glasses.

How to protect your eyes in the office?

(1) Make sure you do eye exercises once a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

(2) Remember to get up and walk around during working hours and take a rest.

(3) Learn to maintain a correct sitting and working posture.

(4) Try to use electronic products in a scientific and standardized way.

(5) Regularly adjust the height of your desks and chairs to suit your height. I suggest that you use a standing desk or an adjustable office chair, which can be conveniently adjusted in height.

Ultimate Guide: How To Protect Your Eyes At The Office