The Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair With Mesh Cushion


  Recently, I bought an ergonomic chair. But after sitting on the chair for a long time, I felt the mesh base would compress the vascular nerves of my thigh and affect the blood circulation in my legs, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. 

  Today, we are gonna figure it out.

The Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair With Mesh Cushion

Why unsuitable cushions will make people feel uncomfortable?

  Making the cushion oversoft or using the suspended mesh cushion is not reasonable. In daily use, we need to pay more attention to reasonableness and science. 

There are three reasons why mesh cushions can compress your thighs.

poor quality of mesh

  Poor quality mesh has poor toughness. After sitting for a period of time, it will lose elasticity. The more sitting, the easier to collapse. Finally, it will compress the blood vessels and nerves in the thighs over time, resulting in leg numbness. 

the people’s weight is too much

  Overweight people will easy to have thigh compression because of deformation. So overweight people are recommended to choose high-density sponge cushions.

unsuitable height of the seat

  Different height of people has different seat height. The minimum sitting height of each ergonomic chair is also different. If you are shorter but sit on a higher chair, it will oppress your thighs. 

How can people sit comfortably?

The height of the chair cushion needs to match the height of people.

A good seating cushion allows for a reasonable distribution of pressure.

The Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair With Mesh Cushion

  An oversoft and suspended mesh seat will significantly lead to pressure equalization. So there will be excessive pressure on people’s lower thighs, which will also affect blood circulation. Sitting for a long time can make thighs will be very uncomfortable. It is a natural thing. For example, over-soft sofas, and very thick soft sponge cushioned office chairs, both need to be avoided. 

  A good seat and cushion should take into account the shape of the human hip, be breathable and comfortable, and also take into account the skeletal muscles and soft tissue pressure reasonable distribution. The material selection should consider both softness and sufficient elasticity. At the same time, the chair needs to have a certain surface and cushion tension to avoid the compression of nerves.

The Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair With Mesh Cushion

The pros and cons of an office chair with mesh cushion

  Mesh cushion is the mainstream of the current office chair market and is more recognized by consumers. It has both advantages and disadvantages.


Good breathability, especially for summer use.

Beautiful and modern appearance.


The support and comfort are slightly worse than the sponge cushion. 

If the quality of the mesh is poor, the sitting feeling will be very hard. And long time sitting will cause poor blood circulation in the thigh root, resulting in numbness.

How to choose a suitable office chair mesh cushion?

  When buying mesh cushions, what points do we need to pay attention to?

quality of the mesh

  Poor mesh cushions not only can make people feel poor comfort but also can have a great negative impact on the human body. Generally speaking, try to choose a mesh with good elasticity and toughness. 

the ergonomic design of the cushion

  The mesh cushion is better to be in line with the human hip and thigh curve curvature. This design can effectively decompose the hip and thigh force. So sitting for a long time is not very tiring to become possible.

The Pros And Cons Of An Office Chair With Mesh Cushion


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