Are Standing Desks Good For You?


  During 8 hours of work time, people are sitting in front of the desk most of the time and long time sedentary. People's lumbar spines are under pressure. As time goes by, the damage to the lumbar spine is relatively large. Many people usually work very busily, they do not have much time to take it seriously. Finally, they will feel very uncomfortable. If you want to solve this problem, a standing desk is a good choice.

Why get a standing desk?

  One of the benefits of standing desks is to change the height of the desk to achieve standing work that can reduce people's sedentary time. The most obvious harm of being sedentary is that it can lead to a back injury. A famous medical journal "The Lancet" has published an article that pointed out that from 1990 to 2015, the proportion of global low back pain patients increased by 54%, which means that there are about 540 million people worldwide suffering from low back pain.

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  And sedentary is a major cause of back pain. In the process of sedentary, the lumbar spine will maintain a continuous backbend with the change of the spine. The muscles and ligaments of the waist will always be in a state of extreme tension and can not be relaxed for a long time. Over time, people will get some diseases like lumbar disc protrusion and chronic strain injury. In addition, another major impact of being sedentary on the waist is the accumulation of fat, which not only has a negative impact on the appearance of the person but also leads to a decrease in athletic ability which is very unhealthy.

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  That is why people should get a standing desk. The standing desk can adjust the height of the desk after sitting for a period of time to achieve a standing working way. It can improve the efficiency of work. 

Also, people can place a standing desk at home. Different family members can use the same desk at different heights. Everyone can meet their personal needs by adjusting the height of the desk.

Height Adjustable Desk vs. Fixed Height Desks

  We all know that being sedentary hurts the human body. Being Sedentary will lead to slow local blood circulation in the body, prone to hand and foot numbness, especially if the hip blood circulation is not smooth which will increase the probability of hemorrhoids. In addition, the sedentary will make the lumbar spine under greater pressure. People will have aching backs and even get cervical spondylosis.

  Compared to ordinary fixed-height desks, height adjustable desks can effectively solve the above problems. Standing desks provide people with a different office working way. People can alternate sitting and standing and always change their posture. So their body's blood circulation can restore fluency. At the same time, the body's stretching is also freer.

  The below picture is about the knowledge of the spinal force in different positions. When people are in the supine position, the spine pressure ratio is about 25%. When people are leaning back, the spine pressure ratio is about 75%. When people are standing, the spine pressure ratio is 100%, etc.

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  A fixed sitting posture also easy to causes visual fatigue. Then people's work efficiency will decrease. On the other hand, alternate office posture can effectively relieve fatigue. At the same time, it also can help people stimulate thinking and inspiration to improve efficiency.

  Adjusting the height of the standing desk can help people avoid lumbar spine disease. The adjustable height of the table also can be applied to different people, even children can also use it.

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Types of sit stand desks

  There are two main types of standing desks: electric and manual standing desks.

electric standing desk

  An electric standing desk main uses electric power to run itself. The motor lifts the table's mechanical device to control and adjust the height of the desk. The mainstream electric standing desks on the market have developed a higher and higher intelligence. Electric standing desks always have a comprehensive function and simple operation. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than manual standing desks and the later maintenance is also not cheap.

manual standing desk

  Common manual standing desks include pneumatic standing desks and hand crank standing desks. Pneumatic standing desks use pneumatic springs to achieve the lifting of the desk. The advantage is that the lifting speed is faster than electric standing desks. The disadvantage of the manual standing desk is the lack of stability. People need hands to maintain balance during the operation, which is not very convenient. Hand crank standing desks mainly adjust the height of the desk through the manual adjustment of the table lifting device. The advantage is that a manual standing desk is no electricity, cheap. The disadvantage is that the operation is time-consuming and laborious.

How do standing desks work?

  Electric standing desks use an electricity-driven motor. People use mechanical devices and electronic components to achieve automatic adjustment of the height of the desk. It is a good office solution for office workers.

  The biggest advantage of electric standing desks compared to ordinary desks is automatic and intelligent. Most standing desks have height adjustment, anti-collision sensors, sedentary reminders, remote control, and other functions.

How to choose a standing desk?

dual motor vs single motor standing desk 

  The motor is the power source of the standing desk. Generally speaking, the table stability and load-bearing performance of dual motor standing desks are better than single motor standing desks. The lifting power of the dual motor is stronger, so the height adjustment will be more smooth. But at the same time, dual motor standing desks will have a noise problem. And if there are something goes wrong with the dual motor, the maintenance price will be higher than the single motor. People can choose a suitable one according to their actual needs.

high-quality materials

  The material of the standing desk is related to the durability of the use of the desk. High-quality legs are more robust. The premium table top is resistant to dirt and durable. Common table leg production materials include aluminum and ordinary steel. Desktop common production materials include tempered glass and environmental protection class desktops.

good load-bearing

  There are computers, documents, and other personal office supplies on the desktop. And the weight capacity of the desk is related to the safety of daily life in the office. If the standing desk has good load-bearing, of course, people will feel safer. If the desk has poor load-bearing, the practicality of the desk will also be much worse.

suitable size of the desktop

  If the size of the desktop is too small, the space to put things will be very limited. No matter a working desk or a home study desk, people always like to put more things on it. But the size of the desktop is not the larger the better. People should choose a suitable size of desktop according to the size of the space and environment. 

wide lifting range

  The lifting range is an important parameter indicator of the electric standing desk. The wider the adjustable range, the more usage scenarios. People need to choose the right standing desk according to the actual situation.

telescopic legs

  The number of sections of legs of the electric standing desk is generally two or three sections. The different number of sections have differences in stability. Generally, three sections are better than two sections.

Weworth standing desks recommendations

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*3 color selections of the table frame.

*High-quality steel.

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*Double motor with three sections of legs.

*Wide 650mm range of lifting.

*Upgraded power stronger motor.

Are Standing Desks Good For You?cid=5

Are Standing Desks Good For You?cid=5

How often should you stand up from your desk?

  Sitting and standing postures need to be in a timely manner to switch, which is conducive to the circulation of blood in the human body. Generally, after sitting for 50 minutes on a chair, people need to stand for 20 minutes. Although work is busy, people should remember to rest properly. After all, health is very important.

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  Physical health is a reliable guarantee of lasting productivity. Electric standing desks can effectively alleviate the harm caused by sedentary on human health. In my opinion, companies should be equipped with adjustable height desks for office workers to help them work better and healthier.