Height Adjustable Desk vs. Fixed Height Desks


  The accelerated pace of work has made people have more expectations of office furniture. Standing desks become more and more popular because standing desks can help people get the alternation of sitting and standing. Height-adjustable desks also appear in offices, shared working centers, and homes more frequently. The company that is hesitant to purchase a standing desk may be concerned about if standing desks have more benefits than ordinary desks. What are these irreplaceable benefits? Today, Weworth will provide you with the 6 benefits of standing desks.


for individuals, standing desks can help people work healthily. Mainly from the following aspects:

Physiologically can help to relax stiff muscles.

  Long periods of sedentary will make our hips, waist, shoulders, and neck tight. Standing desks help us leave a sedentary to stand. The whole body can relax.

Improve brain memory to work efficiently.

  Researchers at UCLA found that: being sedentary can reduce the memory of the adult brain. Height-adjustable desks are exactly what working people need. It can help people maintain sustained attention.

Psychologically, it can improve anxiety.

  Alternating sitting and standing postures can increase the release of hormones, such as 5-hydroxy tryptamine, which is the pleasure hormone of the human brain. When you choose a standing desk and work in a standing position, your body comes with its own mood booster, which can reduce stress and relief your anxiety.


for businesses, standing desks can achieve efficient work, mainly from the following aspects:

More flexible work styles, and adapt to a variety of office models.

  Small meetings, temporary salons, mobile collaboration, etc. The company has to have a more flexible work mechanism. The height of the desk is adjustable that can meet different needs.

Employees are more focused. The collaboration efficiency also can be improved.

  When we are using the standing desk to work, we must always pay more attention to our balance. Employees work more, and the team's creativity also can be increased.


  In the past, people's perception of the function of a standing desk is stuck in the relax the body, but in fact, it also allows the people’s brain to run faster and be full of vitality. Over time, people can more positive energy and work more efficiently. Anything need, welcome to contact us.

Height Adjustable Desk vs. Fixed Height Desks