Good Office Environment Can Improve Employee Efficiency


  Most people have to spend about 1/3 of their lives in the office. So the comfort and reasonable design of the office space plays an important role in the motivation and commitment of employees. A poor working environment will make the employees depressed, distracted, and even affect the stability of the work.

A seat by the window is better than a seat by the wall. 

  A study by University College London found that employees whose workstations are by the window are the most productive. The research team conducted a questionnaire survey at a large technology company in London. Employees needed to answer questions such as satisfaction with their work environment. The results found that employees sitting in window positions were more productive and focused than those against the wall. Researchers said that this may be due to the window view being better than the wall, which helps people to relieve their work stress and get higher mood comfort.

A wide field of vision is less efficient. 

  The above study also found that if employees see a large number of desks within their field of vision, they are less likely to give a satisfactory evaluation of their work environment. It is because it will be easy to be distracted in this position, and it is also difficult to talk with colleagues without disturbing others. In addition, employees whose desks face the main area of the room are also less likely to evaluate their working environment because they lack a sense of control over their environment and have less teamwork and cohesiveness when sitting in a slightly lonely position. In contrast, employees with seats facing the entire room and relatively few desks in their line of sight reported being more focused and productive, as well as more unified as a team.

Open offices are more popular. 

  The study found that people who worked in open offices had higher levels of physical activity during work than those in private offices and higher than those in cubicles, compared to those who worked in private offices and cubicles. In addition, people who had more physically active at the office had less stress at the end of the workday compared to those who were less physically active at work. It is important to have a good office design and office spaces that allow employees to move and exercise freely.

  In fact, many U.S. companies have put a lot of thought into creating a healthy office environment for their employees. For example, Google has an open kitchen, a coffee bar, a sunroom, a game room, a restaurant, as well as massage rooms and a gym. These facilities are only a step away from the office. When employees work tired, they can take a short break here to relieve physical and mental stress.

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Good Office Environment Can Improve Employee Efficiency