All You Need to Know About Office Pod


  Modern people's lives are busy, and their workload is also getting heavier and heavier. People usually have to spend half of the 24-hour day in the office. Everyone in the company is responsible for various work projects. In an open office, one of your colleagues sitting next to you may be talking to a client about an important phone call; the other colleague sitting at the back may be signing for delivery, while the boss sitting at the innermost part of the office may be fuming. But if you are a person who needs a quiet space to do things well, then the office noise must be your daily challenge. Most people wish that they could have a quiet and private space. According to this demand, the office pod was born.

What is an office pod?

  Office pods can provide a comfortable sound environment without echoes that can help people to focus on their creativity, study, or make sure they can have a good rest and relaxation. The office pod usually is equipped with multiple floor-to-ceiling acoustic glass walls to maintain a certain degree of openness and light transmission, allowing people to be in it without constraint and oppression. The built-in ventilation system in the pod allows people to have a fresh feeling of the spring breeze in a relatively confined space environment, and to keep the convection of air inside and outside at all times. The office pod's built-in adjustable lighting system can keep the appropriate illumination so that people’s eyes will not have a sense of fatigue. In addition, the rich power supply expansion interface can meet the needs of various power-using devices. Office pods always have a modular design, quick installation, and be ready to use. It also can be configured with casters to achieve a certain range of movement. When you need to put it in other places, it also can be easily disassembled and reassembled.

Benefits of an office pod

help cut down the noise

  Too much noise can cause distraction and lack of concentration, affecting employees' work efficiency and even accidents. If people have long-term work or live in a noisy environment above 90 decibels that can seriously affect hearing and lead to other diseases. So people need office pods to eliminate noise and help employees to protect their health. 

make employees more concentrated

  In most companies, the major productivity loss is not the result of employees using their time to browse the Internet, but the result of office noise distractions. These noises distract not only the speaker but also the people who can hear them. Some offices have to deal with the noise because their work forces them to be exposed to it.

  Office pods can eliminate noise and help employees focus on their work. These office pods provide employees with a completely enclosed, soundproof, and comfortable workspace. They are usually small, spacious, and comfortable enough so that they can serve as ideal pods for employees who want to have a quiet space to work without interruptions. Office pods are ideal for making phone calls, video chatting, etc. without taking up too much time at work.

  Through the excellent processing production process and precise assembly bite design, the overall sealing of the office pod is very good, which provides an important guarantee for the good sound insulation effect.

privacy protection

  When you talk inside the office pod, the sound effect is very good. People who stand outside the pod can not hear what the person inside says at all. The office pod usually is made of strong soundproof material, which has a very good soundproof effect and meets people's need to protect their privacy in public places. People can take care of their personal matters in this private space conveniently. 

create a perfect working environment

  There is also no need to make any changes in the cubicle to create a perfect working environment. As the office pod already has one. It is equipped with a ready-to-work desk, adjustable seating, an air ventilation system, power outlets, and light-emitting diode lighting. Also, the office pods can be customized, they are available in a wide range of colors and accessories, and you can choose the one that best suits your office interior space as your preference.

Weworth Office Pod Features

  Office pods are popular office furniture in Weworth. We are a professional and reliable office furniture company who have been in this industry for more than 20 years.

different kinds of office pods

  Now we have three different office pods in our online store: S Pod, M Pod, and L Pod. Different kinds of pods can be available for a different amount of people. S pod is perfect for 1 person, which is good for people who need to take a private phone call or want to have a private space to concentrate. M pod is suitable for 2-4 persons and L pod is ideal for 4-6 persons. People can have a meeting or a private conversation in the office pod. At the same time, they do not need to be worried that they may make noise to distract others or have any privacy issues.

 All You Need to Know About Office Pod

made of vacuum-insulated, sound insulation tempered glass

  Weworth choose high-speed train standard sound insulation tempered glass, which is good to make our office pods have satisfactory sound insulation. 

All You Need to Know About Office Pod

All You Need to Know About Office Pod

multi-layer structure

  The office pods have a multi-layer structure that is effective for sound insulation. You can see the below pic, the wall has four layers. The D1 and D2 are soundproof. The D3 and D4 are for sound absorption. You can kindly check the below pics for references. 

 All You Need to Know About Office Pod

All You Need to Know About Office Pod

fresh air system

  The office pod is built with a silent fresh air system that can refresh the internal air in 3 minutes. Custom-made Mute Fan, using the acoustic mute principle, wind flow faster and smoother, while making the fan muter. Built-in exhaust duct for natural ventilation and sound insulation of the pod.

 All You Need to Know About Office Pod


  The office pod is easy to move freely, which is very convenient.

 All You Need to Know About Office Pod


  Office pod can be customized according to the required scenario. We can add specific functional modules to meet the corresponding usage requirements.

At present, the office pod of Weworth is a custom-made product for offices, customers can choose the exterior color scheme according to their preferences. The internal facilities can also be customized according to different needs, such as the installation of seats, soft stools, lighting, desktop, etc., but also reserved for the location of electrical outlets and network cables.

  To explore more information about office pods, welcome to contact Weworth.