Why you can't stay focused while working from home


  More and more people are starting to telecommute or work from home nowadays. People love it because working from home is freer than working in an office. 

But at work, there are too many things on your desk that may distract you at home and you always want to organize them. When you are at home, you will always want to eat something or have a rest, etc. In order to escape from work, people are willing to do anything.

  Many people are faced with the mental difficulty of telecommuting, like the inability to focus on things, frequent distractions, inefficiency, and other problems. Have you ever thought about why you can not stay focused while working from home?

Why you can not stay focused while working from home?

  Your brain is being lazy. Attention is the directing and focusing of mental activity on a certain object. It is the ability to focus on one thing and ignore other things at the same time.

  It has two basic characteristics, one is directionality, which means that mental activity selectively focuses on some objects and ignores the rest. 

  The second is concentration, which refers to the intensity or tension of mental activity staying on the selected object. 

What can affect our concentration?

  All aspects of life affect our concentration. And this effect comes from two sources. One is the objective stimulus. The other is our subjective mental state.

  There are so many things that consume our attention when we are working remotely from home. The biggest problems with working remotely from home are twofold: 

1) Easier miscommunication. 

2) Blurred boundaries between work and life.

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How to improve focus and efficiency while working from home?

  When telecommuting is unavoidable, how can we improve our focus and efficiency?

My suggestions include:

- Draw clear boundaries with your family life. Try to create an independent space for yourself, exclude possible interfering events, and do not let your family disturb you during working hours.

- Maintain efficient communication and cooperation with colleagues and leaders. Try to avoid using too many overly complex communication tools and increase communication costs.

- Change the visual environment. Better to keep your desk as simple as possible. And take away all possible distractions and displays.

- Have regular work and rest life. Try to make your daily schedule to be consistent with the company and ensure rest time.

- Stick to a regular schedule. Establish a long-term and challenging goal.

- During break time, you can empty yourself. Only focus on yourself here and now, ignore the distractions in the working environment, and improve your awareness of your goals.

- Create a good working environment at home. Decorate your workplace with some ergonomic office furniture, such as an ergonomic chair, a standing desk, etc. that can offer you better comfort and health.

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