Luxury Executive L Shaped Office Desk 3218

Dimension(MM): 3200*2300*760

Material: MDF with veneer(Eucalyptus from Italian) + wood leg with painting

Color: Eucalyptus&Grey

The material is eucalyptus wood from Italy, and the whole leg is wrapped with paint. The appearance is low-key and luxurious, which complements the office environment and highlights nobility.

Advantage: This is a big executive desk, modern and luxurious.


L Shape Executive Desk

Wood and metal executive desk with side cabinet. melamine desktop 35 degrees on the edge with lacquer. metal frame with powder coated. contemporary clean design.

Design Concept

Design Concept

Dimension(MM): 2060*1800*750

Material: E1 MFC, modesty panel, fixed side cabinet, steel leg with powder coated

Color: Grace Teak+Rori Blue+Milk Grey

The material of this desk is melamine-faced chipboard, steel, Executive Desk with practical drawers. This color is mooreucali and carney grey. This is a big executive desk, modern and luxurious.

Advantage: We focus on all the details to guarantee high quality. Enough side storage for you to put things.

System Furniture
System Furniture A comprehensive selection of office furniture

This is extremely cost-effective, creating the most comfortable and luxurious quality office space.

Executive L Shaped Office Desk


MaterialMDF with veneer(Eucalyptus from Italian) + wood leg with painting
AppearanceLow-key and luxurious
The whole legWrapped with paint

L Shaped Office Desk for Executive Offices

The Executive L Shaped Office Desk will look great when centered in a room. If you have a large, dedicated home office, consider purchasing one of our selections of stately executive L-shaped desks. From traditional wood to modern, industrial and urban styles, we can help you find the right L-shaped desk.

What do you need to consider when buying an Executive L Shaped Office Desk?

The most important factors in buying an L-shaped desk will vary depending on the room you have and the purpose of the desk, but there are some general rules you can follow to help you narrow down your search and find a great desk. 

Look for an L-shaped desk that has the following characteristics.

The right size and shape for your office space

Sturdy frame

Filing cabinet options or shelf space for storage

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Executive L Shaped Office Desk Styles

Choose between modern options or go for a more traditional style - it's all here.L-shaped office furniture is also available in metal, laminate, veneer and glass construction types for you to choose from. There are benefits to each type, so be sure to discuss the best options for your office with one of our furniture experts.

Executive L Shaped Office Desk - Desk with Workspace

Executive L Shaped Office Desks are a popular choice for home offices because they offer a spacious workspace for computer setup, filing, office storage, etc. The defining feature of an L-shaped desk is that the second desk is attached to the main desk at a right angle. The resulting design looks like the letter "L" that gives these iconic desks their name.

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Desks with Storage - Executive L Shaped Office Desk with Storage and Drawers

Increase the functionality of your workspace by choosing an L-shaped desk with drawers or kitchen cabinets. These storage options provide you with space to store office supplies, file important documents and files, and keep your office neat and organized. Many L-shaped desks come with locking drawers or cabinets for storing sensitive materials that require extra security.

L-shaped desks provide a spacious, flexible work surface and storage space. WEWORTH stocks a wide range of L-shaped computer desks, executive desks, reception desks and team workstations. All WEWORTH office furniture is beautifully designed and built to last.

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Executive L Shaped Office Desk Benefits

Flexible workspace. You can use the L-shape (sometimes called a corner desk) as a writing desk, executive desk or computer desk. These desks are designed so you can easily switch between 2 workspace options by simply swiveling your chair - giving you room to brainstorm, meet with colleagues, or help your kids with homework while you work from home.


Plenty of storage space. Some L-shaped tables come with built-in kitchen cabinets or storage. Other contemporary designs choose the clean lines of Parsons-style frames that allow you to add storage options, such as file drawers, to customize your desk directly to your needs. 

Maximize floor space. Do you work in tight spaces? L-shaped desks can easily be pushed in along walls to provide the perfect corner desk. 

Computer desks. When every desk is a computer desk, L-shaped desks provide you with dedicated computer space. Many of these desks also feature keyboard drawers, allowing you to use your keyboard when you need it and keep an elegant, clean look when you don't. 

Standing desk options. Some L-shaped desks come with height-adjustable standing desks on one side, giving you the option to sit or stand while you work. 

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Which L-shaped desk material is right for you?

Laminate: Because laminate is an engineered material, it can withstand high levels of impact and constant wear and tear. There are different grades of laminate, some more durable than others. High performance laminate can be one of the best materials for a corporate office environment because of its ability to withstand wear and tear. 

Wood: Solid wood desks are both beautiful and timeless. They also have several drawbacks: they are heavy, difficult to move, and not as durable as many high-performance office furniture materials. For this reason, wooden L-shaped desks are often best used as home desks rather than in a commercial office environment. 

Engineered Wood: Engineered wood combines economy with durability. If you are looking for the "solid wood" look but don't want to pay the price to match, then engineered wood may be an ideal choice. 

Metal: Metal is lightweight, affordable and durable, making it a popular material for desks, especially in modern styles. You'll most often see it combined with tables made of mixed materials. For example, you may see a laminate or wood top paired with a metal frame. 

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