What is a Hybrid Office?


  The transformation of office space is a slow process, but the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 accelerated the process. It also had a new impact on a global office model. Everyone had to work from home and tried a whole new work schedule. Almost overnight, most workers began to replace home furniture with office furniture. New methods of communication, motivation, and collaboration are being adopted by more and more companies and employees.

  Today, more and more people are eager to implement a new work model that combines remote work and office work together.

What is a hybrid workplace?

  A hybrid workplace supports both in-office work and remote work. A hybrid model increases the freedom and autonomy of when and where you work, and it often allows employees to be able to choose where they work based on their own schedules. For companies, this means embracing the creativity and flexibility of employees. And it also ensures the safety of employees.

  These three group roles are in a hybrid workplace.

*Office workers - based on job attributes, this type of employee is typically required to spend most of their time working in the office.

*Hybrid workers - different from office workers, these employees can choose their preferred office furniture and workplace, or work in the office if necessary.

*Remote workers - similar to hybrid workers, they can work from anywhere, but usually do not have to come into the office.

  In a typical hybrid office, everyone except the office workers can choose if stay in the office. 

Advantages of a hybrid workplace

Focus on results & emphasis on productivity

Work-life balance

Access to more personnel

Cost savings

Disadvantages of a hybrid workplace

Not conducive to customer experience

Hinders teamwork

Lack of an ideal work environment


  Hybrid work may be the future of the office. But if you want a hybrid workplace to be successful, it is important to plan the office space carefully and provide employees with the right office furniture. At that time, personnel and creativity will be the core of a company's competitive advantage. Choosing a hybrid workplace can increase employees’ satisfaction and happiness, and office design that is employee-centric will become the trend.

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