4 Popular Office Solutions


  The workplace is not only a place where people work, it even has the potential to completely change a business. Whether you're establishing a new company or looking for a better strategy to optimize your current office space, choosing the right office layout and the right office furniture is both important for the planning process. A well-designed office layout can leave a lasting impression on clients and employees. It also creates a good design that fits the style and flow of the company. If the office is well planned, good office furniture can improve the working efficiency of employees and promote the business to be more successful.

  This article will list 4 typical office layouts and discuss their pros and cons. So you can make an informed decision based on your company's business characteristics.

Open-Plan Office Layout 

  At the beginning of the century, the companies of Silicon Valley drove the popularity of open-plan office layouts. And the open-plan layout becomes one of the most popular office styles for most companies today. This layout consists of an open workspace with no barrier walls. It consists of office desks and filing cabinets. Everyone in the workplace, even the management sits together in an open space to talk and communicate freely.


*Enhanced communication and collaboration.

*High cost-effectiveness.

*Easier monitoring.

*Flexible and reconfigurable design.

*High space utilization and space-saving


*Lack of privacy.

*More noise disturbance.

*Increased employees’ anxiety.

Cubicle Office Layout

  Cubicle office layouts started in the 1960s and are still widely used today. It is a classic office solution. Different from open-plan office spaces, cubicle office layouts generally use screens to separate the space. 


*More privacy.

*More flexibility and adaptability.

*Fewer distractions.

*better focus

*Easy to create personalized spaces.


*Hinders interaction and communication.

*Need more space.

*Tends to create a sense of space depression.

Team-Oriented Office Layout

  In the age of the Internet, collaboration has brought a revolution to the workplace. As the name suggests, team-oriented working space is a shared office space provided by a third party and rent it out to companies that need flexible office space. You can choose your workspace or workstation according to your needs and budget. This is a cost-effective option for small or telecommuting businesses.


*Have a professional network.

*Cost saving.

*Wide range of workspaces.


*Lack of corporate privacy.

*Lack of security.

*Poor stability and many interruptions can occur.

Hybrid/Combination Office Layout

  With the impact of the epidemic, the hybrid office became more popular. A hybrid office space is a flexible office layout that often matches the needs of each individual or project team. 


*A space dedicated to work.

*Easy to communicate.

*Personal and collaborative space.


*Expensive office layout.

*Need more space.

*May create a noise disturbance.


  No matter what kind of office layout, companies should choose solutions to fit their current state of development.

  Weworth always can make individual office solutions for you.

4 Popular Office Solutions