The Ultimate Guide To Choose A Good Ergonomic Chair


  When you are buried in work, your waist is under nearly 7 times more pressure than lying usual. If you work hard every day, your waist may soon be ruined.

Is the ergonomic chair good for low back pain?

Why do people need an ergonomic chair?

  Low back pain is a common global problem. In 2017, there were about 7.5% of the global population was suffering from low back pain.

  This is largely due to the bad sitting position.

  When you sit at a standard healthy sitting posture, your transverse abdominis, latissimus dorsi, and other muscles will be in a state of force. Many people have bad habits, like sedentariness and hunchback, which result in weak human core muscles. People may feel tired after sitting for 5 minutes.

  When people are bending over, they will feel comfortable. Because bending relaxes their multiple muscles. However, the comfort of the hunchback is only an illusion. 

  The burden of the lumbar spine will change with different postures. When a person is lying down, the load on the lumbar spine is minimal. When people are sitting, the load on the lumbar spine will increase. when people are leaning forward, the load on the lumbar spine is the maximum.

The Ultimate Guide To Choose A Good Ergonomic Chair

  At this time, the human spine will change from S-shaped to C-shaped. As time goes by, people are easy to have a lumbar disc protrusion, osteophytes, and other problems. Even people sitting upright with a straight back are also not that healthy. Studies have found that if you just sit upright for a short time, the lack of lumbar support and sitting too far back also can easily make you feel tired.

  When a person is sitting, the pelvis resembles an unstable inverted triangle and 75% of the weight of the whole body is carried by the sit bones. So if people sit for a long time, like over 4 hours, it may lead to poor blood circulation in the hip, increase muscle pressure, and make people feel fatigued.

  In order to help people to sit comfortably, the ergonomic chair was born.

Benefits of an ergonomic chair.

  The ergonomic chair normally has a more spine-adapted lumbar back design, adjustable cushion, headrest, armrests, and footrests. Correcting and supporting the four physiological curves of the human neck, back, waist and hips to maintain a natural spine shape.

supportive backrest & adjustable cushion

  When you are leaning back, the high-density sponge and mesh can effectively support your body to facilitate a substantial stretch of your back. You can also adjust the height, depth, and angle of the cushion to reduce the pressure on your hip, leg nerves, and blood vessels.

flexible headrest

  The headrest provides support for the cervical spine and can be adjusted for lift, angle, and amplitude according to the different states at rest and work.

functional armrest

  The basic armrests are connected to the back of the chair to support the elbows and reduce the weight on the upper limbs

The ultimate guide to choosing a good ergonomic chair.

  Ergonomic chairs can effectively support the back, but there are so many different types of ergonomic chairs on the market. How to pick a suitable ergonomic chair for yourself within a limited budget?


  The prerequisite for comfort is safety. First of all, you need to pay attention to quality control. A quality ergonomic chair must have a solid air pressure bar and mechanism. Manufacturers generally will do safety tests in the production of air pressure bars. 

Back Design

  Studies have shown that the height and depth of the chest vary considerably when a person is sitting. This is because different people have different heights and postures.

  People of different weight has different pressure when they are leaning backward. So choose the ergonomic chair that has an adjustable backrest, which can adapt to different groups of lumbar muscle habits and will not make people feel uncomfortable. 

Cushion Design

  Finally, check the design of the cushion. Due to the pressure on the human sit bones, the cushion should be the softest in the back. The front section of the cushion needs to support the legs which should be a little harder.

  Common materials of cushion: mesh, sponge, leather.

- Mesh is breathable, and easy to clean, but relatively hard, which is suitable for people who like a hard seat feeling.

- The sponge has good elasticity, and good support, but with poor ventilation, is easy to collapse. It is suitable for people who like comfort.

- Leather seats have a sense of texture and luxury, but the price is higher.


  An ergonomic chair is a human sitting corrector. But we still need to change our sedentary habits and bad sitting posture.

  Get an ideal ergonomic chair, and welcome to find WEWORTH.