Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain


  According to survey statistics, about 65 million people in the United States have back pain episodes, and 8% of all adults (about 16 million people) have experienced persistent or chronic back pain, so many people's daily life is limited, and now back pain is the sixth most expensive disease in the United States.

  Back pain is a very common phenomenon in the life of modern people, not only among the elderly or people with diseases, many young people also have back pain, so this phenomenon is common in society, and it is also necessary for everyone pays attention.

Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Why do you have back pain?

  The causes of back pain are complex. They are caused by congenital diseases and acquired bad habits of life and work. The congenital conditions need to be resolved through surgery and drugs. In most cases, through treatment and With careful care, things will get better. There are many reasons for the formation of the day after tomorrow, mainly the following situations:

*Accidents lead to back injuries, and the sequelae left after treatment make the back feel uncomfortable or painful.

*Arthritis of the spine — Arthritis can affect many parts of the spine and tends to occur more frequently in the lower back and neck. Spondyloarthritis can cause pain and stiffness that can greatly affect daily activities. Spondyloarthritis is said to be osteoarthritis caused by wear and tear caused by daily life and work. Other causes of spondyloarthritis are still unclear, and medical research and exploration are needed.

*Before exercising, not warming up well before exercising or not wearing comfortable sports clothes, then it will lead to back strain.

*As we age, our bodies will inevitably decline in function in all aspects, so our back and spine will also age and wear down.

*At the bottom of our back, there are only five vertebrae, fewer than our neck and mid-back. Under the pressure of life or work, you have to stand or sit for a long time, then it will cause soreness of muscles and discomfort in the back. Due to the long-term increase in friction between the vertebrae, back pain often occurs.

How to relieve back pain in life?

  When we have formed a phenomenon of back pain, how should we relieve back pain and reduce back discomfort in order not to affect the quality of life? There are a few suggestions here that may help you:

Good sleep quality

  The quality of sleep will determine the state of the body the next day. When we already have back pain, then we need to get enough sleep so that the body can get a full rest. And many people often can't sleep well, so they need a way to adjust the quality of sleep, you can change a comfortable mattress to make your body feel relaxed. When we have insomnia, we can order our favorite aromatherapy to empty our brains and eliminate distracting thoughts, and then we will fall asleep soon. Or you can try the lullaby that is very popular now. It is said that it can help you fall asleep, so you can try it, but it may not be effective for everyone. The most important thing is to empty the brain.

Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Adjust sitting posture

  We are taught from childhood that we need to sit upright, isn't it? This is not groundless. Poor sitting posture will aggravate back discomfort and even scoliosis. When you need to sit for a long time, don't lie on your stomach or cross your legs. Sit upright, relax your shoulders, and stick to them.

Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Exercise regularly

  Life is endless, movement is endless! Exercise is good for relieving back pain, but not everyone is suitable. If you just have back pain or only mild pain, you can try appropriate exercise. Regular low-intensity aerobic exercise (exercise that doesn't strain or shake your back) can build strength and endurance in your back and allow your muscles to work better. Walking and swimming are good choices. Remember to discuss activities you can try with your doctor.

Professional massage

  Do you not want to expend energy to exercise on a rare rest day? When we are tired after a week of work and have no motivation to exercise, then this method may help us relax our back easily. There are specializations in the surgery industry, and professional things can be left to professional people. Studies have shown that proper back massage can effectively relieve back pain, but pay attention to letting people with professional skills certificates do it for you, which can help relieve the structure of the spine problems and restore lost mobility.

Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Family relieves the good things of back soreness

  People who need to sit at home for a long time also need to protect their waist and back. When we play games for a long time, we also need the best office chair with lumbar support. Configure an ergonomic chair to allow us to slow down the damage to the back while playing games.

How to relieve back pain at work?

  Back pain has become the second most serious illness after the common cold, accounting for approximately 93 million workdays a year and costing approximately $5 billion to treat people with back pain. Remarkably, about 8 out of 10 people experience back pain at some point, and 1 in 4 people in the United States experience back pain. Studies have shown that back pain that lasts for more than three months will be judged as a chronic disease. In terms of neuroscience, this kind of pain is very harmful to the body. These techniques can help you reduce the damage to the back in your work:

Adjust the display and keyboard

  When we work in the office, the height of the display screen needs to be adjusted to the most suitable position, not too high or too low. After a long working day, if the display screen is not in a horizontal position, it will make the neck feel uncomfortable. It is recommended to set the keyboard to be adjusted so that the elbows are bent at about 90 degrees, which is the best height for the shoulders not to sag.

Need to relax during work

  Work is not the whole of life! A healthy body is the first element of productivity! Therefore, we also need to arrange a break while working. After one hour of work, we can rest for a while to see the scenery in the distance or drink water in the tea to add water. The office chairs for low back pain are a good choice.

Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Improve the company's office equipment

  For the company, the physical health of employees should also be placed first, and the company should ensure that the employees will reduce the harm caused by work when they work. However, for employees who need to sit in about eight hours a day, the back of the back is inevitable. So in order not to delay work, the company needs to prepare an office chair with good lumbar support, This allows employees to reduce back pain while working and better serve the company.

Office chair with lumbar support

  For office chairs, there are many types of office chairs on the market, but it is not easy to relieve the soreness of the waist and back. The designer needs good design thinking and in-depth research. To help the office crowd design a suitable office chair to effectively alleviate the waist discomfort brought by the office. For office chairs, there are many types of office chairs on the market, but it is not easy to relieve the soreness of the waist and back. The designer needs good design thinking and in-depth research. To help the office crowd design a suitable office chair to effectively alleviate the waist discomfort brought by the office. Now the ergonomic chair is very popular. His design is mainly based on comfort and perfectly fits the lines of the back of the human body, and lumbar support for arm and back comfort.

Choose reliable suppliers

  When choosing to buy office chairs good for the back, there are many office chair suppliers provided on the market, so we need to choose a reliable company to avoid causing unnecessary property losses or buying unsatisfactory products. A good company will be designed and produced a comprehensive design and production of office chairs for low back pain. Weworth, this company has a unique research and figured on the human ergonomic chair. This ergonomic chair has the following advantages:

1. The high-density sponge cushion fits the body and changes with body weight through ergonomic shaping.

2. Precise head support brings a more comfortable cervical spine experience.

3. Adjustable armrests, and lumbar support for arm and back comfort.

  Good products need time to verify. I believe that after you buy it, you will feel the real high-end quality and charm. I hope that this article can help you relieve the pain in the back and have an exclusive ergonomic chair to provide a greater receipt for future work and life.