How Work Environment Affects Employees


  The world's leading office furniture brand - Steelcase has released a report. According to the report, we can see that employees' satisfaction with the office environment is positively correlated with their engagement with their jobs.

  In other words, the better the working environment a company provides to its employees, the more engaged they are. The worse the working environment a company provides to its employees, the less engaged they are.

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The importance of the office environment

  In the 1990s, many new companies began to improve their office environments in order to attract more technical staff. A different layout from the open office environment became popular. In an office, people can get pantries, coffee bars, checkrooms, game rooms, etc. Why are these companies willing to improve the office environment for their employees? It is because a good office environment is so important. An ideal office reflects the corporate culture and the spirit of a company, and also represents the soft power of a company.

  For employees, a clean, tidy, and orderly working environment can give a sense of comfort. A simple office space helps reduce unnecessary time costs for employees and indirectly improves their work efficiency.

  For companies, a good office environment can improve the sense of identity and sense of belonging of employees, but also directly affects the personal engagement of employees. Personal engagement is directly related to the efficiency of employees.

Disadvantages of the traditional office environment

  For a long time, companies did not pay much attention to the office environment of their employees. The traditional office usually has many disadvantages.

single function

  In a traditional office, there is no space for employees to spend their time. In this single space, employees can only work. The high intensity of work only makes employees complain a lot and are easy to lose their motivation.

unreasonable layout

  The traditional staff office area, the closed manager's office, and the old layouts are about to be eliminated. Good layouts and environmentally friendly office furniture will create a new, quality office environment.

no sense of design

  If an office has a sense of design, employees will love to stay in it without being bored. 

outdated technical equipment

  Outdated computers and printers not only take up space but also affect employees' productivity. Poorly configured computers also affect employees' working mood.

What does a good office environment look like?

  Weworth thinks a good office environment has to meet the following 5 conditions.

air circulating

  To let your office has good air circulation, the office must be well laid out in its design. You can take advantage of semi-open spaces and open spaces to allow air to circulate freely in all spaces.

natural light

  Good natural light can make people feel relaxed, peaceful, and serene. 

space usage

  In the design of the office, designers should consider the entire office area. In the whole space, the benefit of limited space can be maximized through reasonable layout and planning, so that each space has its value.


  When people are concentrating on their work, any extra sound is noise for them. I believe no one wants to work in "noise".

office plant

  The office is full of electronic equipment. You can put some green plants in your office. Green plants can not only play a decorative role but also can improve the mood of employees and relieve the fatigue of work.


  Office environment can even determine the retention of a good employee, a good office environment also can attract talent.

  The humanized office environment has become more and more important. Companies enhance the work experience of employees to ensure the development of both enterprises and employees.

How Work Environment Affects Employees