5 Trends In Office Environment And Market Development


  Recently, office designers are finding that companies are taking their talent to a new level of importance. Employers are beginning to recognize more the value of hiring diverse employees who can bring creative and strategic ideas. At the same time, employers are realizing that if they are to attract top talent and give their companies a competitive advantage, it is important to create physical and digital office spaces, and another is to promote physical and mental wellness in the workplace.

  Today, Weworth will talk about 5 trends in an office environment and market development.

Enhancement of office environment concept

  With the development of the times, companies are beginning to realize that optimizing the office environment is an important way to improve the efficiency of their employees. Intelligent, office living, co-working, shared space, and other new-era office concepts are gradually being pushed to the public. The traditional office model is being subverted. At the same time, it also affects the design of many office furniture and office space.

Identification with hybrid office

  In the post-epidemic era, a more efficient and flexible hybrid office model is beginning to be implemented and is becoming more and more normalized. Employees who are unable to sit in the office in the short term can work from home, outdoors, or on the go through online networking. They can freely choose their office location and gain greater business flexibility. At the same time, it is also possible for companies to reduce unnecessary operational costs when acquiring office equipment and exploring new markets.

ABW Model and New Office

  ABW means activity-based working. ABW's working mode gives a new interpretation of the office. Employees don’t need to use fixed seats or independent workstations as in the past. They can be in the entire office space according to their own business needs. And they also can choose the corresponding office space according to the current activity attributes. It breaks the physical barriers of the traditional office environment. This means that the office space must be set up to meet the diversity and freedom of employees’ activity attributes and behavior patterns.

Intelligent office furniture and space

  The application of intelligent office furniture brings a more efficient and convenient office life. The data analysis is gathered by its terminal that can become the basis for daily management to improve the health of people in long hours of work, improve the utilization of office space, and achieve more dynamic interaction between people and the environment.

Eco-friendly and low-carbon office life

  Green low-carbon, sustainable development is the global development trend. More and more low-carbon, energy-saving new technologies are developed and applied in office products to promote the achievement of carbon-neutral goals. Many office spaces are also gradually integrating ecological design and environmental protection concepts, advocating green offices, and creating a comfortable, healthy, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly office environment.


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