How To Clean An Office Chair?


  A large number of work users are more concerned about one problem. How to clean the office chair? What are office chair cleaning techniques? 

  People need to clean their office chairs after the chair has been used for a long time. Although there are cleaning staff and services, you still need to maintain the chairs clean by yourself. 

Why do we need to clean the office chair?

affect people’s health 

  People usually use office chairs in some working places or at home. If you do not clean the office chair frequently, it will affect people’s health, especially mothers, children, allergic people, the elderly family. A dirty office chair is easy to lead people to sneeze, have bronchitis allergies and other diseases occur.

affect the use

  Usually, the service life of an office chair is about 10-15 years. Do not clean or the wrong cleaning method both can easily cause the chair to be damaged.

affect the mood

  A dirty office chair is easy to affect the mood. People are easy to be anxious. If a fabric office chair is without cleaning for three months, 6 million mites will sit with you. You can easy to find dust on the chair in the office or at home every day.

How to clean an office chair?

  For different materials of office chairs, their cleaning methods are naturally different.

  If you have trouble in this area, see the following content. We will share some office chair cleaning skills below.

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PU, mesh back office chair 

  PU material is a synthetic simulation leather material. It is more beautiful compared to the appearance of leather and easier to take care of. If the armrests are made of PU material, people generally can use a wet towel to wipe them gently in the cleaning process. You will be able to clean most of the stains on the armrest.

  If necessary, you can use a leather cleaner, or a leather brightener, which can make the PU material more shiny and durable. As for the mesh back office chair, there are some backrests of office chairs, or cushion covers are made of mesh. You can try to use a brush with a detergent to clean. The mesh material is durable and the air-drying speed of the mesh is relatively fast. You do not need to worry that the brush will damage the chair.

leather office chair

  Because the leather fabric is not very breathable. People’s back is easy to sweat while they sit in a leather office chair for a long time on hot summer days. The home leather office chair that you just bought needs to care more attentive. You can use a leather maintenance wax on the leather office chair. Applying a leather maintenance wax can protect the leather office chair from being soaked by sweat and mud that will corrode the leather material.

  You should pay special attention to that do not use water to scrub a leather office chair. After a while, it is easy to cause the leather to be hardened. When you touch it, you can feel the leather of the office chair is not soft as it was just bought.

  On the other hand, you also need to pay attention to the frequency of maintenance. Generally once a monthly cycle. People are easy to sweat in summer, you can do a week of maintenance, to avoid sweat stains soaking the leather office chair.

cloth office chair

  Cloth office chairs are relatively easy to clean. You just need to directly wipe it gently with detergent. You can also use warm water with detergent to wipe, but do not use the brush to rub. If you wipe a cloth office chair with a brush, the brush is easy to damage the cloth, resulting in pilling. Over time, the cloth office chair will be like an old chair.

office wooden chair

  Office wooden chairs can be wiped gently with a dry cloth directly. You also can use a little cleaner. But remember not to wipe the chair with a damp rag. And do not let the wooden chair be exposed to the sun after it is wiped. It will lead to solid wood decay, reducing the use of the time of the office wooden chair. If you find that there is a stain on the chair, clean it directly. Because after the stain is dried, it will be harder to be cleaned, which will increase the difficulty of cleaning.

plastic office chair

  Plastic chairs generally have strong static electricity, which is easier to absorb dust and dirt. After using a plastic office chair for a period of time, you can use edible soda ash and detergent to clean it. 

The above is about office chair cleaning techniques. After reading, you can get an understanding of office chair cleaning techniques. No matter what kind of material an office chair is. It all needs to be regularly cleaned, otherwise, it is easy to accumulate dust, and damage people’s health. Do not forget, or it will provide a breeding environment for bacteria.

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