As we all know, office furniture sales is the act of guiding or cooperating with customers to complete the purchase and service of office furniture by understanding their needs and the characteristics of the company's products so as to achieve customer satisfaction and gain the joy of closing the deal.In order to achieve this, we must have a good understanding of the client and the nature of the project.

Now let me take the following case study, a corporate project in Singapore.

We made contact through a business card obtained from a previous exhibition. He had previously attended the relevant exhibition and was impressed with us.

The young and stylish look of our furniture and the excellent quality of our furniture quickly caught his attention, so this time we made further contact through the business card information we had left.

In his email he made his needs clear and expressed his love for our products. During the communication, we learnt that he was a local corporate company in Singapore with a large office environment.

During our chat, we learnt that he was currently in the process of acquiring new furniture and looking for a suitable supplier for his office environment.

Through emails, we showed the client the relevant product catalogues, physical drawings of the products, factory production drawings etc. This gave the client an idea of our production and the strength of our brand.

The client said that our catalogue and the related items were very nicely done.

My boss thinks this client has a lot of potential to work with, takes this client seriously and has been having pleasant exchanges with this client.

This is also in line with our company's service philosophy, which is all about the customer's needs.

Based on the drawings provided by the customer, we take great pains to develop and modify the corresponding configurations and solutions for him, in an effort to meet the customer's requirements. The client expressed his satisfaction with our service attitude and was also very satisfied with the materials and design of our furniture.

This customer said that our furniture was very avant-garde in design and very reasonably priced.

It took us about 5 months to communicate and finalise the plan.

After finalising the design, the client quickly paid the deposit and was confident in our subsequent cooperation. This was because he had great confidence in our service and the quality of our products.