The products required by the customer range from conventional to customized, in order to allow customers to better confirm the details, the initial stage of inviting customers to the office to select products and develop a general scheme; in order to make this scheme can be more comprehensive display, the team stayed up late to create a PPT, typography, matching, hues are spent a lot of thought; in order to be able to let customers see our sincerity, online communication is only the basis, in the phone connection, WeChat In order to let the customer see our sincerity, online communication is only the foundation, on the basis of telephone connection and WeChat communication, we have been running back and forth from Shanghai to Hangzhou many times, sending samples and color cards, and finally took the project after unremitting efforts; in order to make the program more accurate and avoid errors, we also went to the customer's site for many times, measuring data and communicating details many times; after the order was confirmed, there were many small problems with the factory order, and we patiently communicated with the supplier to cooperate with the important details that needed to be confirmed. Because each product needs to be placed in the office scene, but also in order to make the installation more smooth, clear and clear mark is also essential, and each supplier need to mark and explain in detail; delivery and assembly process is the most hard work and the most test of patience, because different suppliers are distributed in various regions, need to reasonably arrange the route, all goods in the lowest cost of transport under the conditions of unified transport The final furniture assembly process is hard but full of achievement, the day of installation, after planning the time, our team also went to the site to supervise the work, all hands-on, to do their part for this project. After the installation was completed, all the tones and products were in harmony with the office scenes, and the beauty of each photo taken of the scenes was a conclusion to the success of the project.

Finally: the success of each project is inseparable from the efforts of each team member, and every detail that can impress the customer is inseparable from the perseverance of the original intention and the attitude of excellence. I believe that weworth will continue to win and progress in the process of summing up, and go to the next level.