Why Is Office Furniture So Important?


Furniture is a key element of any office, not only providing comfort for employees but also contributing to professionalism. The importance of office furniture should never be underestimated as it can make or break your productivity.


As the heart of your office, when considering your office furniture, you should take into account its suitability for its primary function. For example, office workers are particularly prone to back pain due to unsatisfactory seating, so don't be one of the companies whose employees fall ill as a result.


How bad is back pain among UK office workers?

Back pain is a major health issue affecting up to 38% of office workers. It usually starts within a year of sitting in the wrong position at work. It has become the most common cause of work-related health problems among people under the age of 45.


It is also the most expensive cause of health-related problems in the workplace in terms of time lost from work. According to the UK Statistics Authority, a staggering 10 million working days are lost each year due to employees taking sick leave for back pain!


The UK loses an estimated £1 billion a year in terms of sick pay, lost business income, medical costs and compensation for employees who suffer long-term back problems as a result of their work.

The average person spends at least four hours a day on their computer (and in many cases probably more), so unless they're sitting in the right seat, this can have a profound effect on their health - not to mention the national economy!

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What should a business consider when buying office furniture?

The main consideration is the comfort level of each piece of office furniture and how well it fits into the employee's daily routine. Seating is very important because it is not uncommon nowadays for people to sit at their desks for eight or nine hours a day.


The chair must be comfortable, productive and provide excellent functionality over long periods of time. This can be achieved without having to compromise on style. Office chairs need to be as comfortable as they are beautiful.


Available in a wide range of colours, styles and upholstery finishes, including fabric, leather and mesh, they can also offer additional features such as being fully adjustable, providing comfort and increasing efficiency, even in the most demanding office environments.


What is the best type of office furniture?

As well as choosing the most suitable chair, whether functional or comfortable, each item of office furniture must work in tandem with each other to create the best possible office environment. The best chairs won't help without the right desk to match!


A popular option is the workstation system, which offers a flexible approach to office furniture design. This style equips individual staff, conference tables and executive desks with matching desks that are practical while providing an overall look and added professionalism.


While modular workstation solutions are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective option, traditional panel leg desks have moved with the times in a new way, combining modern colour finishes such as white and walnut with panel end leg designs.


Never forget the importance of reception area furniture. As well as making your employees feel comfortable, it is the first impression visitors will have of your business. Ensuring it looks smart, professional and welcoming is vital, as first impressions count.


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