What Workplace Employees Really Want For The Hybrid Work Era?


  Behind the hybrid office is the change of working ways from "office-centered" to "people-centered". People will pay more attention to the meaning, value, and identity of their works. Because these things are the source of creativity in work.

  Bruce Daisley, the author of The Joy of Work, has stated that our work has begun to change.

What Workplace Employees Really Want For The Hybrid Work Era?cid=5

  Under the repeated influence of the epidemic, many companies and individuals are actively or passively working in a working mode, a hybrid office. People usually worked in fixed locations before. Now they can work in any location, like at home, the coffee shop, etc. during the day.

  When the hybrid office becomes more and more common, people will need a workspace that can give focus and stimulate creativity to meet their daily needs of working anytime and anywhere.

  Starbucks has launched shared and co-working office space for target business people. Wework also provides individual office solutions to help companies to power their hybrid strategy.

  So what do workplace employees really want for the hybrid work era? Let’s see it together.

What is hybrid work?

  Hybrid work combines telecommuting with office work, which allows employees to have the flexibility to choose their work location and work hours.

  Many companies have enabled the hybrid work mode, including Twitter, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, etc. 

  For enterprises, on the one hand, the hybrid work model can reduce their operating costs, including rent, utilities, etc. And on the other hand, it also can enhance the happiness of employees and reduce the staff turnover rate of the company.

  Individuals, can reduce the number of commutes, use time more efficiently, and balance work and life in a more flexible way.

What Workplace Employees Really Want For The Hybrid Work Era?cid=5

What do workplace employees really want for the hybrid work era?


  The demand for office is moving from function-centered to people-centered. Companies start to give more humanistic care to employees, try to satisfy their spiritual needs, and create a focused and concentrated working environment to stimulate better creativity.

  An ideal working environment needs to meet the diverse needs of people. The office environment needs to have healthy, natural, and ergonomic office furniture, like ergonomic chairs and standing desks. A company also has to have leisure areas that can let people rest and relax during a whole day's work. For a very private person, a private place in an office is necessary. You can work, have a call, or meet in an office pod. Office pods are private and silent. People can be more focused on it.

build the link between workplace and life place

  The mode of office work, from the factory assembly line to working in a cubicle, and then to the open office. Nowadays, a hybrid office model has begun. 

  In the era of hybrid offices, whether it is a company or an individual, the most important thing is to create a link between work and life places and try to stimulate the greater value of people through the mutual positive effect of work and life.

  For companies, how to create a workspace that can stimulate productivity and creativity to attract employees and help them find value in their work is the next core of thinking. And in the design of the office, the ability to meet the diverse needs of employees is also critical.

  For example, when employees need to focus, can the company provide a separate and private space, or even offer white noise in this space to assist focus according to employees' personal preferences, etc? In the post-epidemic era, how to provide a healthier and safer workspace for employees is also important. In addition to workplaces, can the company provide leisure areas, like meditation rooms, yoga rooms, mother-and-baby rooms, and other more humane spaces, etc., to truly put people-oriented into practice.


  When the working and living space is more and more humanized, it will also inspire people to realize their self-worth and make more value. 

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