Natural Office Design: Bring Nature Into the Workplace


  By 2007, more than 50% of the population in the world already lives in cities. As more and more people live in cities, the level of global urbanization continues to increase while the green spaces and natural environments in urban centers continue to decrease. The purpose of natural design is to restore natural things to our living and working environments we build and design to protect, maintain and enhance our physical, cognitive, and psychological connection to the natural world. As a way to contribute to human health, natural design can play a central role in improving public health in urban environments. 

  As the workplace has evolved, the principles of natural design have begun to be more important, as the resulting benefits, such as it can relieve the pressure of employees and reduce the absenteeism rate, etc. The trend of natural office design is becoming more and more popular nowadays when companies want to increase productivity.

What is the natural office design?

  The natural office design refers to the trend of bringing the outdoors indoors. More accurately, it means bringing nature into the workplace. It doesn’t mean adding lots of plants or shrubs. It is much more complicated than that. In this style of office design, the preference is for a natural style. It includes green cleaning policies, smart lighting systems, ergonomic office furniture, open spaces, sound, green plants, and more.

Why do we need natural office design?

bring new energy into work

  Numerous statistics show that plants can help people feel happier, more energetic, and healthier, resulting in a higher level of productivity and happiness. Of course, the natural design includes not only plants but also sounds, lights, air, and other natural elements. For example, we can use wood, bamboo, or recycled glass in an office space to reflect the natural design and natural environment. And also can set up some smart lighting systems for employees to get more comfortable. An office pod is also ideal to help people to be more perceptive and engaged in their work.

building natural and healthy spaces

  In addition to contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing working environment, the natural design also can play multiple roles in the design of our office spaces. This concept is more complex than just placing plants indoors, it also involves the concepts of ambiance and wellness. 

  People need a complete organic ecosystem that has fresh air and ergonomic office furniture. Why ergonomic office furniture is important for employees? On one hand, ergonomic office furniture like ergonomic chairs and standing desks are flexible. People can adjust this office furniture freely to fit themselves to get more comfortable. On the other hand, ergonomic office furniture is healthier. Only when people have a healthy body can they create high productivity.

sustainable development

  Transforming the design of the office environment is an important step in creating the city of the future. It is one part of sustainability and can inspire other industries to change in the future. The advantage of natural office design is not only to bring external natural beautification but also to provide a new, healthier, and smarter design for offices.


  Overall, with the promotion of ecological office space design, the application of natural elements in office space is becoming more and more widespread. Designers should fully consider the actual needs of office workers in the process of interior space design, take sustainable development as the design concept, take humanism as the design principle, make reasonable use of natural elements such as plants, natural light sources, organic materials, etc., A natural office design strives to improve the comfort of office space, promote the efficiency of office workers, and create more value and benefits for society.

Natural Office Design: Bring Nature Into the Workplace