How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Chair?


  For most office workers, the most common health problem is cervical spondylosis. Long-term poor sitting posture and sedentary ambulation are the main reasons that can trigger cervical spondylosis. And most people always sit in the wrong sitting posture. Of course, the chair people chose is also the key point of the problem.

  Office workers have to have comfortable office chairs. It’s really tough to sit for eight hours a day on a hard bench. Compared to ordinary office chairs, ergonomic chairs are more suitable for sedentary office workers. If this is your first time buying an ergonomic chair, you may don’t know how to choose a suitable one. This is a common question that bothers many people. After all, there are a variety of brands and a wide range of styles in the market. 

  Buying an ergonomic chair is just the first step. You also need to get the correct sitting posture. From the following pictures, we can see the differences between a correct sitting posture and a wrong sitting posture. The wrong way of sitting is commonly used by office workers.

How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Chair?cid=5

  What is the correct sitting posture? A healthy sitting posture should have five aspects:

*Neck support

*Lumbar support


*Feet can easily step on the ground

*The ideal line-of-sight distance from your eyes to the screen is 45-60cm. 

  A good sitting posture not only can avoid cervical spondylosis but also can be a good protection of your vision.

  I believe you have known how important an ergonomic chair is for office workers.

  So how can we choose the right ergonomic chair and a good ergonomic chair should meet what kind of design? Below are three points that I think you should consider while buying an ergonomic chair.

the design of the back

  The human spine is naturally curved and S-shaped. Then the back of an ergonomic chair is also should be curved S-shaped. Then the back of the chair can fit naturally with the human spine. The backrest design of a chair needs to give enough support to the human’s back and waist to ensure that people can keep the correct sitting posture while working. And at the same time, it also can help relieve back pain for people.

the design of the armrests

  If the desk is too high, your arms can not keep level with the desktop, which will make you feel uncomfortable. 

  When you are operating the keyboard and mouse, the best position is that the arm is slightly higher than the desktop, and then your wrist can be naturally straight or down above the keyboard and mouse. If the wrist is directly against the edge of the table, you will be very tired.

  Therefore, a good ergonomic chair and its armrests should be fully adjustable to help people maintain a better office posture. 

cushion design

  One of the keys to sitting comfortably is related to the design of the cushion.

the material of the cushion

  The material of the cushion is the most important in cushion design. The design should be reasonable, the whole ergonomic chair should be comfortable. A soft, breathable cushion is good for people to reduce pressure.


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How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Chair?cid=5