Comfortable Ergonomic Chair-FIT : Design Story


WEWORTH is dedicated to creating the most comfortable and healthy working environment for our clients, so from design drafts to real products, we always have a strict and high standard for our office products.  

Comfortable ergonomic chair-FIT

We found when we are sitting on the chair for working, it has at least 9 postures like you will sit sideways, sit upright, or even sit with legs crossed, etc. But everyone knows that when you keep a posture for about 45 mins, no matter if you are lying, sitting, or standing, you will feel uncomfortable, and will hurt your spine and waist. If you have some unhealthy postures, it will even make you feel pain. We want to fundamentally solve customer pain points. 

'Why not design a chair which can meet our different sitting needs? It will be perfect if it can automatically adjust the angle fast according to our actions.' With this inspiration and original intention, our designer team brought the Fit chair from design sketches to reality. 

To be honest, the development process was not as smooth as expected. When we open the molding of the Fit chair, it always fails to get the shape we expect. We want to make it more unique and special, because we want to stand out among the cookie-cutter chair, so more curves can not demand our standard, straight will be the best choice. We spent plenty of time doing research to keep the shape. To promise every step is perfect, we need to do the research and experience it over and over again, definitely caused much energy and time, but the result is all worth it.

Comfortable Ergonomic Chair-FIT : Design Story

We borrowed inspiration from cars and applied the comfort of car seats to chairs. We believe that long-term office work is the same as long-term driving, so we need to provide users with the best comfort.

WEWORTH makes all efforts to do the best quality product to you, just want to show our sincerity and original intention. WEWORTH is always here waiting for you.

WEWORTH, make all worth.