Cheap vs. Expensive Office Chairs: What are the Differences?


  If you are confused about the difference between cheap and expensive office chairs. Then after reading all the information provided in this article, you will be confident in choosing the right office chair.

 The main difference between cheap office chairs and expensive office chairs is the production quality.

 Compared to expensive office chairs, the production quality of cheap office chairs is always poor. It appears that expensive office chairs are more comfortable and durable when used.


 This is the first difference you will notice when unpacking. You will notice that the cheaper chairs are poorly packed and more likely to be damaged.

 On the other hand, expensive office chairs are well packaged and carefully staffed in all aspects to reduce the possibility of any potential damage.

Assembly process

 In addition, the assembly process of cheap office chairs will be more complex and take longer time. You have to install more screws. A person who is not familiar with office chair assembly, assembling a cheap office chair may take 30 minutes or even more time.

 On the other hand, expensive office chairs are usually easier to assemble, because most of the assembly parts are installed in advance. Therefore, you just need to install very few screws. The first installation only takes about 10 minutes. Some expensive office chairs are even assembled in advance. Customers do not need to assemble their own. You can open the package and use the office chair directly.

Warranty coverage

 The warranty on cheap office chairs is always very short. If you check the warranty statement, you will understand the manufacturer's true view of their product. Manufacturers of expensive office chairs are always confident in their chairs, so they offer more warranty.


 If you look at the quality of the fabric and other materials used in cheap chairs, you'd think they'd wear out or deteriorate quickly.

 On the other hand, the materials used to make expensive chairs are very strong and durable. This is why the most expensive office chairs can last for ten years or more.


  And after a few months of using a cheap office chair, it may not have the right padding and you will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, as far as comfort is concerned speaking, do not expect too much from cheap office chairs.

 On the other hand, expensive chairs are very comfortable to sit on. They contain enough padding to provide extra comfort. Most importantly, they will feel the same for years. This means that after years of continuous use of expensive chairs, you will still feel very comfortable.

The quality of the casters

  If you notice the base of a cheap chair, you will see that the base is made of cheap and high-quality plastic material.

 On the other hand, expensive office chairs will have great casters. The movement or roll of the wheels will be smoother. Then you will notice that they come with better and softer casters that are better for yours. They will be very durable.

 So, as I said you need to check the production quality of office chair, you will notice the biggest difference between cheap office chairs and expensive office chairs.

 As mentioned above, if you want to have a good sitting experience for a long time, you have to get an expensive office chair with good quality.


  The ultimate office chair should be adjustable, healthy, and comfortable.

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