Benefits Of Stand Up Meeting


  A stand-up meeting is a meeting that all participants need to stand up. It has become increasingly popular with many well-known companies (such as Google and Facebook). Companies have stand-up meetings to improve efficiency and practicality. So what are the benefits of stand-up meetings?

Benefits Of Stand Up Meeting

speed up meetings 

  Multiple studies have shown that stand-up meetings are much shorter in more cases than sitting meetings. If people stand up for a meeting, the length of the meeting will be shorter than if people sit down. This is based on research obtained from a paper published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 1999, which showed that not only do sit-down meetings take longer, but sit-down meetings also don't necessarily produce higher-quality results.

  Traditional forms of meetings tend to waste a lot of valuable time, and the sit-down format makes it easier for participants to get sidetracked from the original topic of discussion. Another reason for wasting time is that the atmosphere of a regular meeting is more relaxed than standing meetings. The comfort makes people can not focus on the meetings which will affect efficiency.

increase productivity 

  Standing in a meeting makes it easier for people to focus and allow for the maximum retention of meeting information because employees are less likely to be distracted. In addition, people are eager to return to their workstations and sit down, which subconsciously predisposes them to make decisions faster, and ideas are put into action more quickly.

  In addition, standing during working supports creative thinking, reduces distraction, and makes people more resourceful. The meetings can be much more productive. 

enhance team engagement 

  Stand-up meetings encourage each participant to express his or her ideas and also focus more on team collaboration and participation. The inclusiveness and importance of team members can be greatly enhanced through stand-up meetings.

  When everyone feels involved, they receive the content of the meeting much more seriously, and their sense of personal responsibility increases. The work arrangements will be better implemented.

have a positive impact on health

  We need to re-emphasize the importance of refusing to be sedentary. Long-term sedentary habits can lead to lumbar and cervical spine disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and even increased mortality.

  By standing up in meetings, people can create a more active work environment and maintain a healthy balance between standing and sitting. 

Weworth standing desks

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Benefits Of Stand Up Meeting