Alternating Sitting And Standing Protects Your Spine


  Our ancestors evolved with the ability to walk upright, freed their hands, and opened their eyes. But after standing upright, our spine also bears the weight of our bodies. Cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis have become normal diseases of modern people. How to protect your spine in daily life? Let's check today's article.

maintain a good sitting posture during work

do not always work with your head down

  Sometimes, when the monitor base is low, we are usually forced to work with our heads down. But when your head is down for a long time, there is a lot of pressure on your cervical spine. It is not good for your health.

  So, we can raise the monitor with the help of monitor stands, monitor arms, and standing desks, which will make us comfortable.

don't sedentary

  Compared to lying without pressure, in other postures, the spine will be stimulated by the pressure. So even if you sit on a high-quality and ergonomic chair, do not sit for a long time. You should stand up and move around after sitting for 1-2 hours, or stand and work for a few minutes.

Alternating Sitting And Standing Protects Your Spine

Why do we need to stand straight?

  When we stand, the fourth lumbar vertebra is like a fulcrum. If we do not pay attention to our standing posture and always bend forward, we will have a tendency to lean forward. And in order to keep the human body in an upright position, the muscles of our back have to be in a continuous state of work. After a long time, the muscle will strain and cause pain. In addition, the body bends forward will also cause the nucleus pulposus in the intervertebral disc to move backward, which will greatly increase the risk of lumbar disc herniation. So people should try to maintain an upright position and stand straight during daily work and study to keep themselves healthy.

Alternating Sitting And Standing Protects Your Spine