9 Ways to Improve Your Office Working Environment


  How to make a good mood at work, in addition to a good working atmosphere, a good office environment is also one of the important influencing factors. A neat, bright, comfortable working environment can make employees produce positive emotions, make them energetic, and have higher work efficiency.

ergonomic office furniture

  An ergonomic chair and a height adjustable desk are necessary for an office. They are both adjustable for people to sit or stand in a comfortable position. Various adjustments can meet different needs of people.

no smoking

  Do not smoke in the office. It can avoid the impact of second-hand smoke on the health of other colleagues. The choking smell of smoke not only stimulates the respiratory tract but also stimulates the eyes to see things with difficulty.

open windows frequently

  If a room is full of people, and people are smothered in a closed environment, the exhaust gas that is produced will make the people’s brains hypoxic, and dizzy. Keep the room ventilation. The fresh air can be invigorating. People will also feel refreshed during work.

pay attention to office greening

  Do a good job in office greening. Place some green leafy plants in the right place in the office and put small plants on the desk. Plants not only can absorb radiation but also can relieve people’s eye fatigue.

mute mobile phone

  Remember to mute the phone ringing or set your phone to a vibrating state. Lighten the volume when speaking on the phone. Do not be on a call for a long time at work time. People in the office are always in a state of tension and busy. At this time, if someone has been talking on the phone next to you, it is easy to make you irritable.

  You can chat on the phone in an office pod.

organize desks

  Everyone should organize their desks. Do not throw things all over the table. A neat and orderly office can also make people in a relaxed and beautiful mood to put to work.

do not eat in the office

  As far as possible, do not eat in the office. Such as breakfast and so on. Some food that has a heavier taste also should not eat in the office. It will leave a bad smell.

set anappropriate office temperature

  An appropriate office temperature is also important. Such as summer is very hot, and winter is very cold. You can open the air conditioning to adjust the temperature. If it is too dry in an air-conditioned room, you can put in an air humidifier.

purify the office air

  Air purifiers can remove viruses, floating mold, bacteria, benzene, ammonia, allergens, etc., and also can monitor the pollution situation in the office intelligently. Employees can work in a healthier office.

9 Ways to Improve Your Office Working Environment