3 Workplace Experience to Attract and Retain Talent


  Over the past two years, companies have faced many unprecedented adversities and challenges, such as the new epidemic, a global talent shortage, and the growing climate crisis. More and more companies want to develop their ability to create a great working experience in the workplace through design. And it will be what sets companies apart from their competitors.

  As more and more employees return to the office after months or even years of working from home, the workplace is also changing. New ways of working and changing concerns are gradually translating into design differences. 

  There are three main points: 

*advanced technology

*employee well-being

*Flexible office layouts

  These three elements will work together to create a new workplace that will help attract and retain talent in the post-epidemic era.

advanced technology

  In the early time, all work was done by hand. Now it's almost digital. Since 2020, the use of technology has undergone a meteoric rise. Not only has the work been digitized, but even the applications are changing by the day. Workplaces are increasingly reliant on personal devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets, standing desks. Meeting tables need to be equipped with conveniences such as wireless charging, mobile power, and built-in lighting.

  A great workplace design will help enhance the company's office experience and attract talent.

employee well-being

  Many people are increasingly enjoying working from home because they have more freedom to go out, exercise and rest during the day. After two years of working from home, they may be reluctant to give up their freedom. Some companies start to provide an office gym or juice bar for employees. Companies need to offer spaces that are healthier in a general sense to let improve employees' sense of well-being and productivity. 

flexible office layouts

  The recent American Workplace Survey Report shows that most employees had an open office environment before the epidemic. But for some people, privacy is also a benefit they don't want to give up to work from home.

  Flexible layouts and furnishings are the most sustainable and wise choice. 

  Office space needs to be designed flexibly to accommodate the diverse future trends in the business world. At the same time, it also can meet the personal development and advancement needs that employees expect to achieve at the company. This is critical for the long-term development of talent. 

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 3 Workplace Experience to Attract and Retain Talent