3 Tips For Selecting Custom Office Furniture


  With the diversification of the work needs of different office groups, the appearance and function of office spaces also entered a new stage of evolution. Nowadays, more and more companies start to have custom-made office furniture. 

  However, "custom" does not mean that the design and production of office furniture can be done at your will. In fact, there are still some issues that you need to pay attention to. Today, I’m gonna share some tips for selecting custom office furniture.

the color of custom office furniture

  When you are choosing the color of the customs office furniture, you can not choose the color theme just on your personal aesthetics.

  The color of the office furniture is closely related to its material, the space light, and the office style. However, some companies who lack office furniture customization experience choose the color on their own. A wrong office decoration is easy to play a negative role. I suggest you can contact your suppliers to check their showrooms for office furniture. In this way, you can feel the effect of different colors of office furniture in different spaces. 

  For example, if your office is large, you can use some greenery or soft furnishings to decorate to make your office energetic even if the main color of your office furniture is black or grey. If your office has poor lighting, you can customize some bright-colored office furniture to let the office not dull.

the size of custom office furniture

  With the diversification of office models, the types of work stations also become more diversified. Besides fixed work stations, mobile work stations, and flexible work stations. Shared work stations are gradually becoming popular.   Therefore, when you are customizing office furniture, the size should be different from the previous stereotypes.

  For example, in the centralized office area, in order to improve the concentration of employees, you can customize some steel cabinets to separate work stations. On the other hand, it also can increase storage space. 

the structure of the customs office furniture

  Nowadays, open office space has become a trend. An excellent open office design usually has a good office furniture structure. Curved office furniture is usually placed in the casual space, linear type office furniture is always placed in the formal meeting space.


  The popularity of office furniture customization will be higher in the future. As an experienced office furniture manufacturer, Weworth can provide you with an ideal office solution with better office furniture customization services.

3 Tips For Selecting Custom Office Furniture