3 Office Furniture Trends


  Designers need to have some specific concepts and are good at insight into future market demands, which can create new, creative, high-quality products.

 Today we are going to discuss office furniture and office design trends via three dimensions: personalization, intelligence, and customization.


 Weworth believes that "people-oriented" is the trend in office furniture design today. Whether in the company office or home office, the design of office furniture should be adjusted according to the individual needs of different people.

 One of the most popular office furniture in the modern office - standing desks. Users can adjust the height of the desk to meet their different working postures. And modern office furniture should give the user a good user experience in that they can switch between different postures and states.

 In addition to the functional design of the office furniture itself, personalization is also reflected in the flexibility of office furniture. Employees can decorate workstations in different styles according to their own aesthetics. In the work process, they can communicate at any time and anywhere. These require office furniture must be open and flexible enough to be able to switch states at any time to meet different needs.


 All along, the design of office space and office furniture advocates ergonomics, like ergonomic chairs. Weworth believes that, in addition to ergonomics, intelligence has become an important demand for office space now. Intelligence is the requirement for the overall office system, is the application of multiple intelligent products superimposed, rather than a single product can be achieved.

 Intelligent office includes two dimensions. One is the pure technology of the product. People can achieve remote communication through cell phone or tablet control. People do not need to go directly to the scene. The other is to add some IoT (Internet of Things) features on the traditional office furniture, such as intelligent seats, which can monitor sedentary to remind users. 


 With the development of the times, home customization has entered thousands of families. And the customization of office space is also gradually popular. For customization, we will modularize different functions and claims, and then match different modules according to users' needs, forming a unique customization logic for brands and products through such a model.

3 Office Furniture Trends