As we all know, Office furniture sales is an act of guiding or cooperating with customers to complete the purchase and service of office furniture through the understanding of customer needs and the characteristics of the company's products, so as to achieve customer satisfaction and gain the joy of closing the deal. In order to achieve this goal, we must have a good understanding of the client and the nature of the project.

Now let me take the following case as an example, George is an interior designer in Germany, the first time I met him was at the GuangZhou international fair. As he passed our booth, the youthful and stylish appearance and excellent texture of our furniture quickly caught his attention. He came to us and expressed his love for our products, I took the opportunity to introduce him to the four-person workstation in front of him. This model is very fresh and bright. During the product introduction, I asked him for a business card of his. I known he is an interior designer of a company in Germany. We learned during our chat that he was just working on a school project recently. But unfortunately, we didn't have much furniture for the school series at the time. I can only take out our picture book first, show it to the customer, and tell him about our product line in detail. But the customer said that our catalog is very beautifully done, but still want to see the real thing. I have no other way and all I can do is to give my boss a call. My boss thinks this client is very discerning and takes this client seriously. This is also in line with our company's service concept, everything is based on customer needs. The boss sent a truck

to bring all the furniture related to the school and let the customer take a look. The customer is very satisfied with the material and design of our furniture.

This Customer said that our furniture design is very avant-garde and the price is very reasonable, when he back to Germany, it took us about a month before and after to communicate about the size of the product and the placement of the space, and the customer made a deposit. Because he trusts our services so much.