Dimension(MM): 3200*2300*760

Material: MDF with veneer(Eucalyptus from Italian) + wood leg with painting

Color: Eucalyptus&Grey

The material is eucalyptus wood from Italy, and the whole leg is wrapped with paint. The appearance is low-key and luxurious, which complements the office environment and highlights nobility.

Advantage: It has good sound absorption and sound insulation performance, good lateral bearing capacity, pollution resistance, aging resistance and pretty appearance, can be veneered, and is very environmentally friendly.


Wood and metal executive desk with side cabinet. melamine desktop 35 degrees on the edge with lacquer. metal frame with powder coated. contemporary clean design.

Design Concept

Design Concept

The progress of the times also means that the requirements for the quality of life are higher, and the design also needs constant changes and iterations. The design concept comes from life experience and understanding of consumer needs, combining art and function perfectly.

On the basis of modern design vocabulary, we make reasonable trade-offs by subtraction, pay attention to the interactive relationship, and at the same time, we integrate the concrete personality into it, emphasize color and shape, let all details condense to the beauty itself, and promote the harmonious coexistence of human and space.

System Furniture
System Furniture A comprehensive selection of office furniture

This is extremely cost-effective, creating the most comfortable and luxurious quality office space.



MaterialMDF with veneer(Eucalyptus from Italian) + wood leg with painting
AppearanceLow-key and luxurious
The whole legWrapped with paint

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